UK Lottery Winners – Still Enjoying Their Winnings Today


If you were lucky enough to win the lottery you may think that you would never have to worry about money again. This is not always the case though and there have been many examples of winners who have ended up completely broke. Thankfully though, this does not happen to everyone and there are many examples of UK lottery winners that have gone on to help themselves and others with the money that they have won.

Adam & Amy Pryor

The couple won £1 million in 2017 and the money has made a real difference to their family. Their daughter Charlotte has a rare medical condition and the money will make life a lot easier for them. It means that Amy does not have to return to work when her maternity leave ends so she can stay home and care for Charlotte. The couple have to travel to London regularly for Charlotte’s medical appointments and the cost of this is no longer a worry which means they can focus more on Charlotte and her needs.

Matthew Evans

Football fan Matthew won just over £2.5 million in 2015 and last year he installed a full size dug out and football goal in his garden for when he has a kick about with his mates. He is a Cardiff FC fan and has been able to follow the Welsh national team all over the world to watch them play, as well as regularly flying out to the USA to watch live American Football games. Wherever you are in the world you can enjoy playing casino games with the Royal Vegas casino app.

Dean & Stella Hardman

This couple won £6.75 million on the lottery back in 2006. At the time they were landlords of the Crown Inn in Heywood, Greater Manchester and this is where they are still working today. The thought of giving up work never crossed their minds when they won because they love their jobs so much and because all their family and friends still live in the area. Their win did mean that they were finally able to get married and they honeymooned in America. They also treat their family to a holiday abroad every year.

Roy Gibney

Roy Gibney was a sheet metal worker from Grimsby who won £7.5 million on the lottery in 1998. He continued to live in Grimsby after his win but purchased himself a six bedroomed mansion which featured a mini casino. It is not unusual for lottery winners to still enjoy the occasional gamble and so they often play online at sites such as Royal Vegas casino. Roy started his own sheet metal business with some of his winnings and now splits his time between the UK and the villa that he owns in Cyprus.

Matt Myles

Matt won £1 million in 2014 and since then has spent most of his time travelling the world and taking his family and friends along for the ride. He booked his first trip within forty eight hours of his win, which was a trip to Indonesia with his brother and two friends. He has travelled to many countries all over the world and this is something he is keen to continue. He also invested some of his winnings in starting a property development business which he runs alongside his brother.

Thea Bristow

Thea is the biggest winner on this list, winning £15 million in 2004. The win could not have come at a better time as she was at risk of being made redundant at work and her husband was unable to work because of a back injury. The couple were heavily involved with the local scout group and one of the first things they did with their winnings was take the whole group on an all-expenses paid trip to Canada.

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