Top Athlete Dame Thompson Thanks Crawley MP For Supporting Key Disability Group In Parliament


Local MP, Henry Smith, has met with one of our top athletes, Dame Tanni Grey Thompson, who thanked him for joining and supporting the All Party Parliamentary Group on Disability.

Henry said:

“It was an absolute pleasure to meet with top British athlete, Dame Thompson, whose inspirational example has shown so many people living with a disability that determination and hard work is all that is needed to reach the top; whatever the challenge.

“Having spoken with a number of local residents with disabilities, I am keen to involve myself more thoroughly in working towards a cross-party consensus on supporting those with disabilities. I want everyone to know that anyone can make it.”

Dame Tanni said:

“I’m really grateful that Henry has decided to join the All Party Parliamentary Group for Disability and pledge his support for disabled people in Crawley. I know that this is such an important issue for many people, who will be glad that Henry is working hard at Westminster to ensure that disabled people’s voices are heard.”

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Dame Tanni Grey Thompson is one of our most celebrated and successful athletes who during her career won a total of 16 Paralympic medals, including 11 golds, and held over 30 world records.

The Disability organisation Radar has provided the secretariat to the APPDG for over 25 years. For more information, please visit:




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