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Crawley MP Supports Crawley No Smoking Day

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

No Smoking Day (9th March) could be the day that smokers in Crawley decide it’s finally time to quit.  In its 28th year, No Smoking Day is encouraging smokers to give up smoking, save thousands of pounds and take the opportunity to find out how they can get help and support.

Local MP Henry Smith is supporting this year’s No Smoking Day campaign and will be supporting events Crawley.   Thousands of No Smoking Day events will be taking place all over the UK. There will be interactive stalls, an abseil, poster displays, a sack race and even a flash mob.  Stop smoking services, fire and rescue services, local councils, supermarkets, local football clubs and many more, will be out and about to help and support smokers who are ready to call it quits.

Henry said, “Smokers can make No Smoking Day the official day that they stop smoking and they don’t have to do it alone. Help and advice is at hand and if they get the support of their local stop smoking service they can increase their chances of success by up to four times.

We have some of the highest smoking rates in Crawley, with a Department of Health report showing last year that nearly a third of Crawley adult residents are smokers, which is above the national average.

I would encourage smokers to give it a go.  You may not notice the benefits straight away but you will start to be able to breathe easier, have more energy and it will make a big difference to their pocket – saving those who smoke 10 a day up to £2,000 a year.”

Dragons’ Den star and entrepreneur, Duncan Bannatyne, who is the No Smoking Day President, said, “Quitting smoking isn’t always easy. Most of the nine million UK smokers say they’d like to quit, and many have tried to stop several times over the last year.

“If you’ve tried and failed a few times, it’s easy to give up hope. But you’ll find few ex-smokers that quit the habit on their first attempt. So pick yourself up, dust yourself down and believe that this time you really can do it!”

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