Survey work starts soon ahead of major A259 improvement scheme


Road users on the A259 in the Littlehampton area may notice survey work starting this week, ahead of a major improvement scheme.

The project, to widen about 2km of single-lane road to dual carriageway, is due to start in mid to late 2018, but surveying the verges and footways will take place over the next two to three weeks.

Surveys of the carriageway itself will then be needed and temporary traffic lights will be used in sections of the A259 north of Littlehampton, starting October 16, 2017. Weather permitting, this will take about five weeks and is essential for the safety of both the public and workforce.

These investigations will confirm details such as what utilities in the road might need moving or protecting.

West Sussex County Council’s Cabinet Member for Infrastructure and Highways, Bob Lanzer, said the survey work and temporary lights had been scheduled to try to limit inconvenience for road users.

Cllr Lanzer said: “As much of the survey as possible is taking place at night, or at times when the road is less busy. Regrettably, with work such as this, there will be some inconvenience, for which we apologise.”

When completed, the new stretches of dual carriageway will reduce traffic congestion by increasing road capacity and so cut both journey times and pollution.

The road widening scheme will be in two sections:

From the new junction east of Wick roundabout, where the new Lyminster bypass and Fitzalan link road join the A259 from the north and south. This section will end at the Body Shop roundabout.

A new pedestrian and cycling path will be installed to the south of the dual carriageway, separated from the road by a verge along much of the route. Minor alterations will be made to the Body Shop roundabout to take the new, wider approach into account. The existing controlled crossing point will be retained.

The second section will be from the Station Road roundabout in Angmering to the A280 roundabout. This will feature a new cycling and pedestrian route to the south, separated from the main carriageway by a verge.

There are two other major road improvement schemes in the area. One, the A259 Bognor Regis to Littlehampton pedestrian and cycle route, has already started. The detailed design for the other, the building of a new bypass of the A284 Lyminster Road, is being developed ahead of a planning application at the end of 2017.

Details of all three schemes can be found at:

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