Staff and councillors help snow effort


Staff and councillors help snow effort

Crawley Borough Council staff and councillors are helping co-ordinate snow clearances in high priority areas.

Twenty-six local residents – all either elected members or workers at the council who live in the town – have volunteered to be snow clearance co-ordinators, covering all 13 neighbourhoods between them.

West Sussex County Council has agreed to deliver 45 large Hippo bags full of salt or grit to different, high priority locations in Crawley. Sixteen were delivered yesterday (Wednesday). The 26 volunteers, who all responded to an email asking for their help, will co-ordinate the clearance effort in their areas.

They will hand deliver letters to properties nearest the bags, asking residents if they will help use the salt/grit to clear hilly areas or other key locations, as well as a guide to spreading grit – a little goes a long way.

The volunteers also provide a contact and co-ordination point between the council and their neighbourhood and are able to let the council know what’s happening where they live.

Councillor Bob Lanzer, Leader of the Council, said: “If you receive a letter and are able to grab a spade and help out, thank you.

“Unfortunately Crawley Borough and West Sussex County councils do not have the resources to clear every road and path so we are asking residents to help out where possible.

“This doesn’t have to be clearing snow. If you have elderly or vulnerable neighbours please show community spirit and check they’re ok.”


  1. this is fantastic news but it would be more helpful if the areas where these hippo bags were being delivered was also put on the website, we live in tollgate hill and have had nothing, and we have quite a few elderly up here.

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