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Inspired by the brilliant and published author David Lilburn MBE, this page is dedicated to local poets and their work.

Please feel free to send in a poem written by yourself and we will publish it (STC).

Email us at editor@crawleyhappytimes.co.uk

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The Mirror Lies… by Colin Mitchell


WWW. …. by Alison Sheridan

A Poem Just For CHT …. by Alison Sheridan



The Empty Chair… by Mark Nadin

Ordinary Lad… by David Lilburn MBErow

Gone but there… by Mark Nadin

I Dreamt… by David Lilburn MBE

August 2013

Words on a cross….. by Mark Nadin

The National Arboretum… by David Lilburn MBE

Living in hell… by David Lilburn MBE

July 2013

MUM …. by Carol White

Moving on ….. by Aaron Moon (ex Royal Marine)

Husband, Son, Brother, Friend …. by Dena Richards

The Royal Marine….. by Ian Morse

Son of a Royal Marine…. by Dave Lilburn MBE

June 2013

After the guns ……. Anonymous

My Father’s Grave …… by C Kingrow

Lost …. by Mark Nadin

August 12 ……. Anonymous

Lost in the night ….. by Mark Nadin

Silent Screams … by Tommy Tomlin

A cry of pain… by Dave lilburn MBE

From Arms to Arms…… by Mark Nadin

In memory of the Deal Bombings by the IRA… by David Lilburn MBE

Sown in Battle…… by Mark Nadin

Bootneck Dream… by David Lilburn MBE

May 2013

For Drummer Lee Rigbys Son ……by Helen Buteux

Brothers Brave….. By David Lilburn MBE

Beneath the arches….. by Mark Nadin

In the sand of the desert…..by Mark Nadin

National Memorial… by David Lilburn MBE

Per Mare Per Terram – by David Lilburn MBE

April 2013

Hi Sweetheart… by David Lilburn MBE

Northern Ireland… by David Lilburn MBE

The Falkland’s 31 years on… – by David Lilburn MBE

THIRD WORLD – by Lucienne Kim Flavell

Living with PTSD (A Wife’s story) – by David Lilburn MBE

A ROOM WITH A VIEW – by Helen Oliver

MY MOSSIE 20.01.2001 – 23.03.2013 – by Olivia Lambeth

THANK YOU – By Poppy Walter, aged 6

March 2013

ROSE – by Sienna Browitt age 7row

APACHE – by Cpl Dave Windsor

CRAWLEY HAPPY TIMES….. For SHELLEY – by Olivia Lambeth

Listen To Our Shout – By Julie Hutton

A Proud Mother of a Royal Marine… by David Lilburn MBE


Matches by Lucienne Kim Flavell

Homeless in the Winter… by David Lilburn MBE

February 2013

Don’t Let It Pass You By by Olivia Lambeth

Our Nan Lucy E B Heslop by Danielle Phillips

For Jimmy McConnell by David Lilburn MBE

Dignity by David Lilburn MBE

I Had To Let Him Go by CPL Dave Windsor

January 2013

Royal Marine by CPL Dave Windsor 

Special Place by David Lilburn

The Falklands War by David Lilburn MBE

Howl by Lucienne Kim Flavell

A Cry For Help by David Lilburn MBE

Hallway To Heaven by Marlene Osmond

Memories by Lauren Robertson

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