PCSO Ken Oldershaw Memorial Angling Match 2018


West Sussex & Surrey Angling Academy
PCSO Ken Oldershaw
Memorial Angling Match 2018

West Sussex & Surrey Angling Academy v Sussex Police & Fire Brigade

Friday 4th May 2018, Match Starts 11.00am
Kingfisher Lake, Broadfield Park, Brighton Road, Crawley. RH11 9RZ.

The match is in memory of very dear friend and excellent fisherman.
When Ken became a PCSO he saw an opportunity to build bridges between the young people and the police.
He first turned up at the lake in his police ford transit CCTV van.
Upon seeing his arrival,the student cowered, to which I asked why.
The answer came back ‘it’s the police’, I said ‘have you done anything wrong’ they said ‘no’.
Ken saw this reaction as he approached and was laughing.
I introduced Ken to the students and he promptly spent 10-15 minutes with each student before having to return to duty.
When Ken left the student were impressed of his fishing knowledge and enjoyed the time he spent with them.
After a few weeks at the start of session I was asked if Ken was coming today.
Such was Ken’s presents that that the young people not only learnt from him but learnt to trust the police.
Unfortunately, the Academy had to move out of Crawley for a while and the new venue was to far for him to come.
In 2014 Crawley Borough Council grant the lease to the lake in Broadfield Park and Ken was excited at being able to resume his work with the students.
After completing a fishing lesson, I saw a friend running around like a mad hatter, she told me that Ken had died, and his funeral was within the hour.
Ken would have laughed but enjoyed that I turned up at the crematorium in shorts and
Academy polo shirt to pay my respect to him.
Family and friends had got Ken through a rare cancer only to die from pneumonia. We are raising funds for the Royal Marsden hospital in Chelsea, to continue the fight against these rare cancers.
It is a disease that touches us all, and we must help in whatever way we can to defeat this disease.
If you wish to donate, please go to our Just Giving page below.
We are looking for 8 volunteers for the event to help patrol the banks during the match.


A Burger and ice cream van will be on site from 8.30am to 5.00pm

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