Oakwood Girls U10’s – ESF Football Festival @ Butlins, Bognor


Oakwood Girls U10’s entered the ESF Football Festival tournament this May Bank Holiday weekend at Butlins Bognor.

Over 2 days the girls played football at one of the best organised youth football tournaments in the country.

I find it a fantastic bonding session for both players and parents. I introduced a few new players to the squad and they were welcomed by the existing squad, laughing and joking. I as a coach find this more rewarding than some of the football.

Regarding the football it was amazing, the 2 teams I entered with mixed abilities played some great football as well as showing heat and determination. I have coached the girls for 1 year now and watching these girls grow and develop is a pleasure to see.

This is not just down to me, I have helpful and willing parents that help coach as well as organise fun events for the girls.

I would like to say a huge thank you to all my players and parents.


Wayne Robinson
Oakwood Girls U10’s football

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