MP3 headphones checked at County Mall


Crawley Borough Council’s noise experts carried out free MP3 headphone checks in County Mall yesterday (Thursday 4th August) – and were shocked at what they found.

Of the 30 tests carried out, six people were playing music at volumes above 100 decibels, which should only be listened to for a few minutes each day. They admitted to playing music this loud for at least an hour every day – at this level they are likely to be damaging their hearing.

Fifteen people were playing music at volumes above 90 decibels for more than an hour each day, which is above recommended guidelines.

The council’s Environmental Health Team urges MP3 owners to take three simple steps to protect their hearing:

1. Avoid volume levels that completely block out other background noise

2. Take regular breaks from using your headphones

3. Use the ‘smart volume’ feature if you have one.

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