Mayhem At Westminster Attack


London Ambulance Service was called at 14.40 this afternoon when a car careered off the road into pedestrians at Westminster Bridge today.

Workers, including MPs were on lock down inside Parliament as chaos unfolded outside.

Picture courtesy of Sky News

Police opened fire on the driver of the vehicle who was making his way into the grounds of Westminster.

It is reported 2 students were mowed down by the vehicle. Reports suggest they may have been From Darwen. This is yet to be confirmed.

After driving on the pavement, ploughing down several pedestrians, the driver/attacker then made his way on foot towards the grounds of Westminster where he attacked and stabbed a police officer who risked to live to protect those around him.  Three people are reported to have died, one confirmed female.

The attacker is believed to have been working alone. Terrorism is not being ruled out.

By 16.14 the attacker had been shot and killed by police.

We spoke to our local MP Henry Smith who said “My thoughts are with the police officer stabbed just inside Parliament and those mowed down by a vehicle on Westminster Bridge. Our free and democratic system can never give in to terror.”

More to follow…..

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