Local Author Continues Her Success


We are very proud of a local book writer and her amazing journey to become an inspirational author….. Eve Ainsworth is at Waterstones Crawley for her new book signing tomorrow (Saturday 24th March) from 12 till 3pm. The book is a follow up to her last publication ‘7 Days’. It is called ‘Tender’

We first became aware of Eve’s talent back in December 2012 when after having a few short stories published Eve had her first full novel published, ‘The Blog Of Maisey Malone’ You can read that article by clicking here.

In March 2015, we were invited by Eve to her home in Crawley to follow up on her next book ‘7 Days’ which was a focus on bullying. 

Eve told us in this interview “I have been trying to write for a long time now. This is the first book published with Scholastic. It’s basically about bullying but it’s bullying from two points of view…from the bully and from the victim’s views over 7 days. It’s very fast paced and easy to read. I’m hoping that teenagers and younger readers can relate to it as it talks about a lot of issues teenagers are going through and the pressures they are under” You can read and watch the interview with Eve by clicking here.

In January 2016 Eve went on a journey of discovery and education…..Eve told us “this will be a busy year for me. I will be promoting ‘Crush’ in schools and libraries throughout the South-East and will be appearing at literary festivals such as The Oxford Literary Festival in April. I have also been invited to Poland in May to meet my publishers out there and attend some literary festivals in Warsaw. It is a very exciting time!” You can read all about this by clicking here.

The journey for Eve continues with her latest book signing tomorrow….Eve is happy to also answer any questions and advise anyone looking to go on their own written journey.

We wish Eve all the best and look forward to continuing supporting Eve on her further journeys.

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