Laura Calafiore Exhibition @ The Hawth


Sunday 6th May – Friday 1st June, The Hawth Foyer Crawley

Laura Calafiore will be exhibiting her work at The Hawth this Spring.

Laura was born in Solarino, Sicily in 1974. She graduated from the city’s Institute of Arts, with a diploma in fresco and gold leafing in the early nineties.

Laura then moved to Venice to study at the Academia of Fine Arts, graduating with a BA in Theatrical Set and Costume Design.

Whilst studying, Laura gained regular solo exhibition experience alongside her work in scenic design. Throughout this time she explored and developed her style using acrylics, watercolour and pencil.

In 1999 Laura moved to London with a view to widening her artistic and linguistic horizons. While in London, Laura has worked with quite a few well known faces through her work in West End Theatres. These people have given her lots of encouragement and support with her artwork.

In the Spring of 2005, Laura exhibited for the first time in London, adopting a deliberately abstract style, influenced by Vincent Van Gogh for the choice of colour and application of dynamic brush work.

Laura’s background continues to feed her work with an exuberance, vitality and honesty. Her paintings are direct, evocative and uplifting.

The exhibition in the Hawth Foyer will run from 6th May – 1st June and is free to view.


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