How To Increase The Value Of Your Home


How home improvements can increase a property’s value

Average property sale prices in West Sussex hit over £500,000 recently, suggesting there’s a big market for homes here. There’s plenty of variation from place to place and from home type to home type: most sold homes were detached, but semi-detached and terraced houses are also in demand. No matter where in the county you live or what sort of property you have, there’s always a way to push up your home’s value. Home improvement can drastically change a future potential sale price for the better. From structural changes, like an extension, to smaller improvements in all rooms of the home, there are plenty of ways you can add a few thousand pounds to your property’s value.

Building an extension

The sure-fire, tried-and-tested way to add value to a residential property, of course, is to build an extension. Homes with large modern kitchens, pretty conservatories, and extra bedrooms are quickly snapped up in Crawley and beyond – and even though the costs of the extension will be high, they often get fully recouped at sale. If there’s a weak point in your home’s current layout, such as a cramped kitchen, improving that through an extension is a wise move.

If you don’t have a garden, an extension is sometimes still possible: you’ll just have to go in a different direction. Attic conversions are great ways to add extra space, especially for offices, dens and cosy bedrooms. In some parts of the country (especially the further into London you get), some homeowners are extending downwards by building basement entertainment rooms and even swimming pools – although it can be very difficult to secure planning permission for something that transformative.

Windows and doors

The front door is the first thing a potential buyer sees when they approach your place, and that means it’s important to invest in it as soon as you can. Most homes will benefit from the addition of a sturdy, yet elegant front door made from a material like uPVC or composite, although this may not be suitable in character for period properties.

And when it comes to windows, there are plenty of decoration options to suit all properties. Wooden shutters are great for adding simple yet modern elegance to a room, while curtains can suit some retro homes. For the windows themselves, double glazing is a must have – especially if you live in an area with traffic noise.

Kitchens and bathrooms

The two most important rooms a prospective buyer will look at when they view a property for sale are the kitchen and the bathroom. That is because the fixtures and fittings in those rooms are often the hardest and most expensive to change, so if they’re not in shape buyers might simply opt to avoid your property. A new oven, a shower cubicle or even just some sleek chrome taps can make all the difference.

Every homeowner is likely to find themselves in a position where they need to sell up and move on at least once in their lives, so picking up top tips for maximising sale values is a good idea. From installing a new bathroom to simply adding some gorgeous shutters to the windows, there are lots of ways to give your home a makeover and attract a higher recommended sale price when it comes to valuation.

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