Horsham District Council supports new railway station on land north of Horsham


Horsham District Council last night (6th September) declared its support for a new railway station on land North of Horsham when the council voted in favour of a Notice of Motion at a council meeting.

The Notice of Motion requests that a new railway station be situated adjacent to a major new development planned for land north of Horsham. The Motion also asks that existing rail services at Littlehaven Halt be maintained and not reduced in any way.

Back in 2009, the council, along with Crawley Borough Council, indicated support for a station in Kilnwood Vale. However, with time, and as a result of the Government’s stipulation to build more houses than were originally planned in and around north Horsham, we now believe that North of Horsham would be the preferred location.

Cabinet Member for Planning and Development, Councillor Claire Vickers, said:

“As we know, the council is required by the Government to build some 850 new homes a year in the district, and a major new development on land north of Horsham was approved earlier this year. As a result, it makes sense to ensure that adequate provision of rail services are provided.

“This Notice of Motion supports that position and also seeks to ensure that valuable rail services at Littlehaven Halt will not be reduced.

“I am pleased that we now have the council’s backing to support a new Parkway railway station north of Horsham. This station will serve both the new development and those living in new homes being built to the west of Horsham, at Broadbridge Heath and at Southwater. A station in this location will bring the maximum benefit to the greatest number of our residents as it will also serve the existing population in and around Horsham town.

“The final decision will be made by the Department of Transport and Network Rail and I hope that they will support us in the development of a new Parkway station at this location.”

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