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Last week we met local health guru Liz Berry on a walk through the beautiful surroundings of Tilgate Park. Liz told us about why her passion lies within the health and wellness industry and how helping others is a venture she dedicates her time too.

Liz told us “all my life I’ve felt as though I was overweight – although when I look at pictures of me in my teens and twenties, I clearly wasn’t. I have always been a fussy eater, but at the same time, constantly worried about “being good” with what I ate – to be honest, most of what I was willing to eat wasn’t classed as “good” food!

“By my early 40’s, despite a constant round of yo-yo dieting and sporadic exercise regimes, I was stuck in a cycle of compulsive overeating. I was a wobbly size 18, depressed and basically ate most of the day when I was home: constantly wandering into the kitchen in search of my next “fix”. I was tired of depriving myself of the food I wanted in a quest to “be good”, only to find I’d barely lost a pound.

“I decided I was desperate enough to give Herbalife a try. What a difference! I felt more energised, my confidence grew, and for the first time in years, I didn’t mind the camera being pointed in my direction. Since the beginning, I have lost three stone, I’m now a size 8/10 and I’ve kept the weight off for over a year!

“Getting my nutrition right changed my life and I decided that I wanted to help people change theirs too. I knew how much I had struggled over the years, and realised I had a lot to give others because I could relate to their struggles. I set up my own Herbalife Independent Distributor business and since then have helped many people improve their nutrition, become more active, and change their lives. For most, their goal is to lose weight, but I also help people gain weight, have more energy, change their body composition (less fat, more muscle), and achieve fitness goals too”

We spoke to Liz and year long member Heather on our walk in Tilgate:

“I set up the walking group, which meets twice weekly. I also run a weekly nutrition club, and our team also runs a weekly FitClub. These are all suitable for people with any level of fitness, and who are interested in becoming part of a community of people who are all being more active, learning more about nutrition, and how to be the best version of themselves. Being part of a support network, as well as having a one-to-one coach to turn to, is the element which I believe gives the best chance of achieving health and wellness goals.

“Please feel free to contact me for any further information about our activities, and mention CHT to receive a free wellness evaluation”

Liz Berry
FB: LizBWellness
Insta: lizbwellness


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