Grass cutting programme for summer now underway


Grass cutting teams have begun mowing highway verges as part of West Sussex County Council’s summer works programme.

The County Council is responsible for 12 million square metres of grass verges across the county in both rural and urban areas.

Verges in urban areas are cut seven times during the growing season between March and October.

This is more frequent than the recommended safety level of five times during the same period.

The first urban cut of the year was carried out by contractors in March and the second urban cut is now underway.

Verges in rural areas are cut once a year, with two further one-metre wide cuts carried out during the growing season.

This is done to stop grass and vegetation hanging over the road, causing reduced visibility for motorists and other problems.

The first one-metre wide cut in rural areas has started.

Due to the wet conditions and the accompanied risk of damage to the highway verges from the mowing machinery, the County Council has been unable to cut the grass in the quantities it anticipated.

This has meant the urban grass cutting programme is about nine days behind the normal schedule.

County Council Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, Pieter Montyn, said: “We have experienced record rainfall for April, which slowed our grass cutting teams while creating ideal growing conditions for grass.

“Our contractor is completing the rounds in our urban areas as quickly and efficiently as possible to get back on track.”


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