Grandparents Days


Our Lady Queen of Heaven Catholic Primary School in Langley Green welcomed Grandparents into the school on Friday 29th September as part of the Arundel and Brighton Diocese Grandparents Week. Grandparents were invited to attend the celebration assembly and join children in their classes. Reception grandparents joined in making a sandwich, taking a selfie and creating handprints to compare sizes. In year 1, Grandparents were asked to share some memories as part of the ‘Memory Box’ topic. In year 2, Grandparents played games and followed instructions as part of the Literacy topic. Grandparents in year 3 and 4 supported mosaic making as part of the children’s learning about Romans. Year 5 and 6 Grandparents studied rationing and made oat cakes as part of the World War II study.

Grandparents then went to the hall and enjoyed coffee and cake as part of the MacMillian Coffee Morning event. The morning raised over £200.

This is now an annual event within the school’s calendar and all participants are looking forward to next year’s Grandparent’s morning already!

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