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Community Book Pledge

Claire Mowl-Seegobin is an independent Usborne representative who is making it her mission to assist children of all ages to improve their reading and writing.

Claire is currently heading a project on behalf of Gossops Green Primary School in association with Usborne. Usborne are a worldwide publishing company who supply books for home, schools and libraries Usborne will donate 60% of the total sales over £500 in extra books to Gossops Green Primary School. In real terms this would mean if every parent with a child at the school, donated £1.50, this would give an estimated total of £723. Usbornes would then donate and extra £433 in books making a total of £1156 for the school. All this from a simple £1.50 donation, astonishing!

Claire is going one better than this by actually donating 15% of her own earnings to any individual who wishes to purchase additional books for a child personally. All they need do is email Claire and inform her the value of their order.

Companies or individuals can either donate a sum or purchase books on Gossops Green Primary Shcool’s behalf to which Usborne will donate a percentage to the school for more books.

Claire told us this would be easily achievable for most schools in our area if companies were to get involved and make a donation of some kind. Do you think your school could benefit from such a project?

An average book from Usbornes costs just £5.99.  The books are all extremely good value for money and very educational. Children respond to the books extraordinarily well because of their irresistible content – humour, colour, surprise and originality.

If you would like your school to get involved and benefit from Claire’s and Usborne’s generosity, then please contact Claire directly via email claire.usbornebooks@googlemail.com or visit the website here.

Claire would also like to announce the FOGGS Xmas shopping night at Gossops Green Primary School is on Thursday 8th October from 19:00 till 21:00 (adults only). Entry is free.
If anyone would like to have a stand at this event the cost is £10 and a donation to the raffle. Please contact Crawley Happy Times on 07828 276134.


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