Father Christmas and The Rotary Club of Crawley


Every year, for almost as long as anyone can remember, Father Christmas has visited our neighbourhoods in December to make sure that the children of Crawley are being good and to help The Rotary Club of Crawley raise funds for local good causes.

Keep your eye out for him between 6.00pm and 8.00pm on the following evenings:

Tuesday 12th December – West Green & Southgate

West Green 12th December

Deerswood Road, Smalls Mead, The Dingle, Buckmans Road, Ifield Road, Cratree Road.

Southgate 12th December

Southgate Shops, Clayton Hill, Southgate Drive, Downland Drive, Brewer Road, Dovedale Crescent, Malthouse Road, Downland Drive, Perryfield Road, Wakehurst Drive, Chanctonbury Road, The Downsman.

Wednesday 13th December – Ifield & Langley Green

Ifield 13th December

Lady Margaret Road, Ifield Drive, Findon Road, Climping Road, Findon Road, Warren Drive, Ifield Drive, Treyford Close, Tangmere Road, Rusper Road, Parham Road.

Langley Green 13th December

Maiden Lane, Brock Road, Denchers Plat, Hare Lane, Cherry Lane, Rushetts Road, Juniper Road, Stafford.

Thursday 14th December – Maidenbower

Maidenbower 14th December

The Frogshole, Chapman Road, Laud Drive, Harper Drive, Elizabethan Way, Stopham Road, Westminster Road, Saltens Road, Campbell Road, Moorland Road, Cavell Way, Pallingham/Lucerne Drive.

Friday 15th December – Tilgate

Tilgate 15th December

Gainsborough Road, Dickens Road, Winchester Road, Drake Road, Canterbury Road, Cook Road, Chantrey Road, Loppets Road, Whittington Road, Shakleton Road

Tuesday 19th December – Gossops Green, Broadfield & Bewbush

Gossops Green 19th December

Dower Walk, The Croft, Oatlands, Hillmead, Filbert Crescent, Nurserylands, Rother Crescent.

Broadfield & Bewbush 19th December

Trefoil Crescent, Seymour Road, Plantain Crescent, Rathlin Road, Fennel Crescent, Colonsay Road, Lismore Crescent.

Sullivan Drive, Arcturus Road, Barlow Road, Gasson Wood Road, Oberton Way, Breezehurst Drive.

Wednesday 20th December – Pound Hill & Northgate

Pound Hill 20th December

Byerley Way, Tavern on the Green/Grattons Drive, The Grooms, Park Way, Heathfield, Pearsons Road, Wakehams Green Drive, Hastings Road, Haywards, The Pasture, St Catherine’s Road, Spring Platt.

Northgate 20th December

Woodfield Road, Barnfield Road, Raliey Road, Oakway, Mead Road, Fiveactes, Shaws Road, Barfield Road, Woodfield Road, Woolborough Road, Midgley Road, Kilnmead, Hollybush Road.

Thursday 21st December – Three Bridges & Furnace Green

Three Bridges 21st December

Monksfield, Ash Road, Punch Copse Road, The Birches, West Avenue, Forge Road, North End, Crossways.

Furnace Green 21st December

Forest View, Waterlea, Rillside, Greenacres, Weirbrook, Coltash Road, Weald Drive, The Glade, St Leonards Drive, Arden Road, Furnace Farm Road, Brantridge Road, Warnham Road, Sylvan Road, Ashburnham Road, Newmarket Road, Weald Drive.

As a guide, he hopes to be visiting the roads above, He always stops at the end of Closes of the listed Roads so listen out for his music …unfortunately , due to parked cars, the Sleigh may not be able to go all the way down some streets and sometimes the Reindeer take a wrong turn!

Email Adrian.duke@btopenworld.com Mobile is 07742 562197


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