Shelley: founder of The Crawley Happy Times

Shelley Fagence-Traynor answering calls at First Time Response
Shelley Fagence-Traynor answering calls at First Time Response

Shelley Fagence-Traynor, Managing Director of First Time Response, a Crawley telephone answering service, started The Crawley Happy Times on the 24th of June, 2009.

The idea of having happy, positive, community news really appealed to Shelley and fit in with her love of people and her naturally friendly nature.

First Time Response

Shelley who has previously been regional director of the London South East chapter of the BNI, has been running First Time Response since Sept 2003. First Time Response is ‘a virtual office where your business comes first’.

What customers say…

First Time Response logo
First Time Response logo

Shelley has ‘a lot of enthusiasm and drive… she’s very proactive’. ‘I cannot speak highly enough of First Time Response’

First Time Response ‘helped us increase our productivity and improve communication between our clients in a very effective manner’

‘Calls are always answered in a professional and friendly manner’.

Contacting Shelley

Shelley can be contacted in myriad ways!

For information about The Crawley Happy Times, or to request advertising space, please email her via or call The Crawley Happy Times Headquarters on 07828 276134 .

Shelley can also be found on Twitter, Linked In, Ecademy, Ryze and Naymz.

Why not join The Crawley Happy Times’ Facebook page to tell us all about your happy news?

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  1. Shelley is a marvel of a businesswoman!

    Has overcome some adversities to bring this project to life. I hope the Crawley community embraces it and the positive vibes it hopes to bring to everyone’s lives.

    Good luck Crawley Happy Times!

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