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13th September 1924: A crowd of locals turns out to watch as competitors pass through Crawley, on the Surrey Walking Clubs annual London to Brighton walk. (Photo by Topical Press Agency/Getty Images)

We at Crawley Happy Times Online would like to start by thanking the people of Crawley for all their support in this new venture.  This site is intended to be as informative and entertaining to the people of Crawley.  If you are an event organiser and wish Crawley Happy Times to promote your event, then please call 07828 276134 or email us at editor@crawleyhappytimes.co.uk

What about advertising we hear you say.  Well we are very happy to advertise your business as an editorial or by sponsorship, on these conditions: –

  1. You are a company based in Crawley
  2. You can produce 3 testimonials from clients on the standard of your work and customer care
  3. You can produce any necessary documentation as for required qualifications i.e 17th Edition, Gas Safety Register Certificate.

Please call 07828 276134 or email advertising@crawleyhappytimes.co.uk if you wish to discuss options further.

Crawley Happy Times is now a well established media platform in Crawley. We have gained the love and respect of the people over the last two years and feel this has bought the media reputation to a higher level. Printed newspapers will become redundant in most aspects, with the online media leading the way. Crawley Happy Times are well ahead with our ‘social media’ style of reporting and promoting. We wish to continue leading the way.

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  1. This is a really good idea, have never heard of you until today when a friend told me about your website, keep up the good work and lets hope the good news stories come rolling in.

  2. What a super idea, I will book mark this site as one of my favourites and visit again soon.

  3. Yes Steve, this is just outside the George Hotel in the High Street. The wooden structure is still there today. History tell s su this is where the highway men were hung once upon a time. They were held in the room above the Brewery Shades and transported by an underground tunnel to the George Hotel where they would meet a nasty end 😉 xx

  4. Hi CHT.
    I lived in Crawley for some 35 years. I retired early in 2008 and moved onto a narrowboat to cruise the canal system. Your web site and Facebook helps me to keep in touch with a great town and it’s people. Keep up the good work for us exiles.
    Yours sincerely
    Graham Longley

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