Crawley’s interest in electric cars has sparked


Hundreds of electric cars have used the Town Hall’s rapid charger over the last three months.

The rapid point, which fully charges an electric car in 30 minutes, has been used 486 times between July and September, 339 more than the whole of 2016.

A total of 939 cars have visited the rapid charger this year, whereas in 2016, the total reached 147 uses.

A full charge can provide a distance of 100 miles and only cost £2-4 in electricity, whereas 100 miles in a petrol or diesel car will cost around £12-15 in fuel.

Councillor Geraint Thomas, Cabinet member for Environmental Services and Sustainability, said: “After seeing the figures from the last three months, I’m optimistic the rise in electric vehicles will play a significant role in making Crawley carbon neutral.

“It’s clear from the data that electric cars have grown in popularity. The rapid charger is currently being used 5.3 times a day, a substantial increase on last year’s daily figure of 0.4.

In 2012, the Town Hall was the first place in Crawley to install electric charging points. Five years on, there are now approximately 20 charge points across the town as Crawley becomes a cleaner and greener place to live.

As the number of electric vehicles rise, the council expects a steady increase of charge points in Crawley over the coming years.

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