Crawley MP Welcomes West Sussex Health & Wellbeing Board


Crawley MP Welcomes West Sussex Health & Wellbeing Board

The Department of Health has announced that West Sussex will be the first to experience NHS Reforms under the Government’s plans which are due to come into full effect across the country in April next year. “Greater democracy over the Health Service will mean more accountability and therefore efficiency,” said Crawley MP, Henry Smith.

Henry continued:

“The West Sussex Health & Wellbeing Board will help remove divisions between the NHS and local authorities and give local residents a greater say in the health services which they receive.  This will assist in bridging the divide between health, public health and social services.

“The Board will meet in May and first on the agenda will be to discuss how to allocate the additional £8.9 million funding which I announced just before Christmas last year for social care.

“The Board will ensure greater coordination and cooperation between different health related services to ensure that those most in need receive the targeted assistance which they require.”

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