Crawley MP Welcomes News Of More Local Jobs & Falling Unemployment


Henry Smith has welcomed an announcement from Ceres Power that they have opened a new technology centre in Crawley creating 170 new jobs in the local economy.

Henry said:

“Companies such as local, leading green economy firm Ceres Power are proving how much of an asset they are for our town, having just announced 170 new positions. Today’s announcement follows on from Siemens decision to create 600 new positions in Three Bridges.

“It was reassuring to learn today that, in the three months to May, unemployment data (released today) shows joblessness continuing to fall in Crawley (now at 4.1%). For those still out of work I appreciate it remains 100% of a problem but I’m convinced that reducing red tape and our national debt will further stimulate the economy.

“Over the past year, some 1,500 investment projects from 54 different countries have been landed by the UK, creating and safeguarding almost 100,000 positions in the private sector.”

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