Flobcast Radio Broadcasting

Flobcast Radio Broadcasting and dedicated to unsigned and developing musicians from around the world. Available on your desktop, tablet and mobile device 24/7.

We rely heavily on Bands & Artists both local and from across the globe to submit there tracks for air play, in return we do our best to promote their content both on air and via social media. If you would like to submit your tracks for airplay please submit your tracks here. http://flobcast.com/submit/.

In the coming months Flobcast Radio will be looking to venture out in the community with some live broadcasts, live music events and audio and presenter support for community events. We are also looking for sponsors to help support our adventures.



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Flobcast Radio Servers for your new Radio station.

We offer a service you can count on at a really good price of just £30.00 GBP per year.

The servers are super reliable at 99.99% uptime.

We know we use the same servers for our Flobcast Station

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