Concert Ticket Sales: Successfully Promoting Your Event


In the past, massive portals such as Ticketmaster tended to occupy the lion’s share of online ticket sales. This has all changed thanks to the prevalence of user-friendly templates which can be implemented in no time at all. You could very well find that a one-off event is soon transformed into a reliable means to generate a steady source of revenue. This is just as true when referring to concerts, seminars, trade fairs and everything in between. However, it is still wise to know how to approach the engagement process as well as what steps need to be included in the presentation itself.

Adapting to the Needs of the Customer

Customer-friendly templates are arguably the best way to promote an upcoming event while maximising sales. For instance, let’s imagine that you have been chosen to sell concert tickets. The chances are high that visitors are looking for a streamlined and intuitive platform so that the purchase can take place in a matter of minutes. If not, they might navigate to a different site; resulting in a loss of revenue. There is when a virtual shopping cart comes into play.

The professionals at Shopify have devoted a great deal of time towards the creation of a user-friendly and highly modular system. This will enable you to track sales, to quickly process orders and to address the needs of the customer in question. This type of flexibility will also allow you to expand the features of your shopping cart if needed in the future. So, you are never forced to migrate to a different (and unfamiliar) system.

Selling the Event or Concert: Why Incorporate Branding

Branding is often mentioned when discussing logo design or describing the core competencies of a company. However, it is just as relevant when speaking of concert sales. Why is this the case? Here are two reasons behind such an observation:

  • Branded tickets sales can be used to indirectly strengthen the identity of your firm.
  • Branded material will leave an impression; encouraging customers to use your services in the future.

Modern platforms allow you to upload proprietary photos in only seconds. These images can then be utilised to bolster the sales process. However, there are also stock images to choose from in the event that you may be concerned about copyright issues. Ultimately, branding will lead to a sense of authenticity. When we consider that 80 percent of consumers claim that brand authenticity is the most important loyalty factor, it becomes clear why translating your company identity into the world of ticket sales is a wise decision.

Selling tickets to a concert or a similar event with the help of online shopping carts can be a powerful way to reach a wide audience. The tips mentioned above should be followed if you hope to eliminate geographical barriers and to create a stellar event. There are now a host of applications at your disposal, so failure is no longer an option.


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