What Shelley thinks

15th February, ’10

This week has been an amazing week in the world of Crawley Happy Times. We have met some more wonderful local people and some famous ones too.

We have been cake taste testing with the ladies from the Cha Tea Room in the George Hotel, visited Alison at Acacia Florists in Tilgate, danced with Ricky Whittle and friends and interviewed three up and coming ‘grime’ artists at the Hawth (Saint, Scorcher and Wretch 32) whilst also interviewing the crem de la creme of our own musically talented local folk.

We are slowly becoming more and more popular and would like to thank those who have helped us in our journey so far. Our misssion is to become the best read online newspaper for Crawley, keeping the community up to scratch on all the good positive events and news in their home town. Remember, if you have any news or events you would like us to cover, then get in touch!

Have a wonderful week and stay happy 🙂 xx

29th January ’10

The new year is settling in after all the commotion of the snow. It was fun while it lasted but let’s not forget it can be a hindrence to those who are unable to get out and about while the snow is on the ground.

2009 was the start of Crawley Happy Times and things seem to be moving along nicely. We now have over 800 members in our facebook group where we do our best to keep in touch with the community of Crawley. We even have a few members who have moved away from Crawley and now live abroad. The lovely comments from these individuals has been extremely motivating, so thank you to you all!

Personally I am enjoying the positive feedback and interaction with the community of Crawley. I never thought for one moment my idea would take off and be so well received. It would seem you feel the same way I do about how our beautiful town is perceived by the outside world. Let’s hope Crawley Happy Times goes some way to showing them that we are not all bad, as we are definately not.

We now have a sports reporter on board by the name of Russell Jacob. Russell has been a Crawley resident all his life and has been involved in sports clubs most of this time. We feel Russell will be a great contribution to the online newspaper and will keep the sports fans of Crawley up-to-date with all the events happening in our area. Russell is of course donating all his time to us, as we do not make money from what we do.

Saying that, we have some very kind contributions from the clubs, restaurants and community of Crawley in the way of free entry to events with some even contributing to our cost of drinks and food. We are most grateful for this making sure we never take liberties.

If you are a business in Crawley and feel you would benefit from an editorial on our site, then please contact me on 07828276134 where we can discuss options.  For any forthcoming events, we are very happy to promote and cover these events so let us know when and where. If you are part of a sports club and want Russell to come down to report on your club or events, call the number above and we can arrange that for you.

All that is left for me to say is keep smiling, stay positive, respect your fellow Crawley neighbours, practise patience and tolerance wherever possible and most of all, be happy! 🙂 xx Shelley.

22nd December, ’09

There is some special occassion happening this Friday. Anyone have any ideas? Oh I know……IT’S CHRISTMAS DAY!! I am sure this Christmas is not going to be full of expensive presents and fine food for everyone due to the financial difficulties this year has brought us, but let’s face it, when hard times fall upon us, we tend to stick together more as a community. I think this Christmas is definitely going to be one of them. I would urge everyone who may know someone who is either ill, elderly or just a little down on their luck this cold Christmas season, to show what a wonderful community we are here in Crawley and do something for them, what ever it may be. I am certain next year will be brighter for us all.

Crawley has had some wonderful events this year, not to mention the famous people who have passed through. When I started this ‘project’, I never thought for a minute that it would be so interesting and enjoyful. I knew Crawley had more to offer and that the community were not all as the papers would portray them. But never in a million years did I know just how amazing it would turn out. As most of you know, I run another business during the day, so this was just meant to be a part-time project. Well I can forget that now! It has taken over my life, and I can’t think of anything better I would rather be doing. The support from you, the people of Crawley has been more than overwhelming. Our Facebook page has nearly 650 members and counting (Crawley Happy Times). I try to keep in touch with the members as much as I can, and visa versa. Crawley really is one of the greatest places to live and you are all helping me to prove that more and more. So, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and friendship. I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year for 2010!

Do you visit the Crawley Happy Times site very often? www.crawleyhappytimes.co.uk. The more visits we get, the bigger we become! Any feedback or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. If you know of any events happening next year, just let me know and I will do my best to attend. Just email me personally at shelley@crawleyhappytimes.co.uk.

Now, let’s PARTY!!! 🙂 xx

10th December, 09

Busy busy busy!! There has been so much going on with CHT lately, where do I start. I had the pleasure of interviewing Dan Walker, presenter of Football Focus last week. In fact I had dinner with Dan, Mark Cole (editor of Football Focus) and Parl Armstrong (editor of Match of the Day) at Crawley Town Football Club for the Local Heroes event. I have to thank my dear friend Zaff Khan for the VIP entry, as I am not sure I would have been let in otherwise. Oh, and I bumped into Jim Rosenthal while I was there too 🙂

CHT is on facebook where we can interact with all members. And how wonderful they are! We have had some great comments and feedback from you all. Some people are even keeping an eye on the main site from abroad which they told us keeps them abreast of the goings on in Crawley. Look us up of you are not already a member, be nice to see you on there. We are also on twitter CHTOnline and my personal account is Shelleyftr. I look forwrd to your tweets.

Some say the youth of Crawley have no sense of direction. Well let me tell you, they are WRONG!! I was honoured to attend the Youth Awards at the Hawth where over a hundred of the most amazing youngsters received awards and medals for their achievements. It was humbling. On most occasions the achievements were produced in the face of extreme adversity . Well done to ALL nominees and winners, you are all stars 🙂

CHT finger puppet was officially named for those who will be wanting their own. Depending on the sex you choose for your finger puppet, you will be the proud owner of Harry or Hatty finger puppet. The finger puppets cost £1 and all proceeds go to St Catherine’s Hospice, so if you want one, let us know.

We have re-designed the site slightly as some people could not see the drop down’s at the top. So they are now clearly marked down the right-hand side.

I am off now to write up more wonderful happy stories, so have a wonderful week/weekend and we look forward to seeing you ‘out and about’ in Crawley. Make sure you say hi.

Shelley 🙂 xx

23rd November, ’09

Morning Crawley! Seems a while ago we spoke. How is the tolerance to bad drivers going? I had a friend call me last week to tell me how rude some drivers were, so I gave the “just smile and take a deep breath” advise. It’s the only way to deal with it in my eyes, or we will all just become ‘them’. My parents always told me “never lower yourself to someone else’s level’ .

CHT finger puppet

CHT finger puppet is becoming more and more popular. They had their picture taken with Steve McFadden (Phil Mitchell, Eastenders) last week, which we feel may have contributed to their popularity 🙂
We invented CHT finger puppet, a mascot for Crawley Happy Times, as a bit of fun, but if anyone wishes to have one of their own, they can be bought for £1 which will go to St Catherines Hospice. All you have to do is catch us while we are out and about. We are thinking we should give CHT finger puppet a name.  Any suggestions will be appreciated and we will pick the most apt. Maybe a dual name?

Our thanks…

Crawley Happy Times would like to thank Bar Med, especially Sam for her kind hospitality and Mark, the DJ, who announced we were ‘in the house’ on Saturday. The Managment and staff have always been very supportive and friendly and for that, we are very grateful. Bar Med is becoming quite an entity in Crawley for entertainment, great atmosphere and good music. We look forward to covering more events in the future.

Good deed

On a final note, My 88yr old Nan and I go to bingo most Saturdays and this Saturday was no exception. I popped outside for a cigarette in the break to find a lady and her car placed in the middle of the road. The lady looked slightly distressed so I walked over to ask if she was ok. The lady told me she had run out of petrol and her husband was on his way. I suggested she get in the car and I could push her into the parking space which she had not quite made it to. As I started to push her into place, two ladies from off the street came to help and so did a gentleman who was in his car but having trouble getting past the ladies car. Together, we managed to push the ladies car into the parking space so she could sit, without worry, for her husband to arrive. The lady was very grateful. Being disabled and walking with a stick, this lady would never have managed to move the car on her own. I would like to thank the other people who helped. It felt really good to do a ‘good deed’ and in turn help out a very distressed lady. Have you done a good deed lately? Please write to us and let us know.

All that is left for me to say is, have a wonderful week and stay happy!

Shelley 🙂 xx

26th October, ’09

I’m back! With a vengeance may I add. This flu bug, which is doing the rounds currently, took me down for at least two weeks. For all those poor people still suffering, I wish you a speedy recovery. I am living proof, it does go away, eventually 🙂

Really proud of the Crawley Happy Times team who helped me get around the 10k run up Tilgate for St. Catherine’s Hospice last Sunday. It was tough being ill, but finished the race, which was great!

Drivng around town a while ago, I had a thought about how times have changed. By that I mean curtesy. Everyone seems to be in a rush and manners are a thing of the past in most instances. I am no different of course, so I challenged myself to go a whole week without getting upset over arrogant ignorant drivers or rude people. Instead of getting upset I took a deep breath and smiled. It really worked and I felt much more relaxed and peaceful. I don’t make a habit of not smiling anyway but felt it needed to be practised in the face of adversity.

So, the challenge this week is to smile as much as you can under extreme circumstances. We would love to know how you coped so get writing your experiences which we will publish.

Have a wonderful week what ever you are doing, and remember, keep smiling 🙂

Shelley 🙂 xx

19th October, ’09

First I would like to start by apologising to John Fisher and all the lovely people who attended Viv Cooper’s memorial as I have been so ill I have not been able to put the write ups live until today. One day I will have staff who will be able to help me when I am ‘unavailable’ but until then, it’s just me.

Even though flu has held me in a vice-like grip, I managed to meet my friends at K2 on Sunday to participate in the 10k run for St Catherine’s Hospice. I will be putting a nice write-up tomorrow so keep your eye out for that. It was an amazing day! We are still open for sponsorship, so if you feel you would like to, please contact me via email or phone.

So, since half of Crawley are suffering from flu, I thought a good tip on how to cope would be good. My husband bought me lemon and honey Lemsip and then added a half measure of whisky and some sugar with hot water and it went down a treat. I detest lemon but these things have to be endured for the healing to begin. Get lots of rest and drink as much water as you can without blowing up like a water balloon. A hot bath or a hot shower is also a good idea to keep the muscles from hurting. If you have any other tips, please let us know. If you are suffering, we wish you a speedy recovery. Remembering that flu is only a temporary illness is a good thought to keep. There is always light at the end of the tunnel 🙂

Now I am going back to bed! Have a wonderful week and please keep in touch with what you are doing, any events you may be going to or just what’s on your mind 🙂

Shelley xx

13th October, ’09

Is it really Tuesday already!! Time flies when your busy busy…oh and having fun at the same time 🙂

As you are probably aware, I started Crawley Happy Times on the 24th June, ’09 to show the people of Crawley that there really are great things that happen, with great people that make or help them happen. Am I managing that? I would like to think so. I am finding it hard to interview around noise and in the dark as I only have my faithful Nokia N97 to work with, but in time I am sure I will be able to purchase more technical equipment to help me accomplish this. If you know of anyone who may be of some help in this area, please do get them to contact me 🙂

Meanwhile I am meeting some of Crawley’s finest and having great fun at the same time. Do remember, if you have any events coming up, I am happy to advertise them (for free!), following up with coverage if that is feasible. Any marriages, births , engagements etc. announcements are also welcome, just send us a picture or two and we will put it on for you. This site is about you, the people of Crawley, so take full advantage!

All that is left is for me to wish you all a wonderful week. Have fun in everything you do and keep smiling 🙂

PS If you feel compelled to comment on any of the articles on the site, then do. It’s very easy, just write in the box at the bottom of the page 🙂 xx

5th October, ’09

Gosh, it seems like ages since I wrote something on here, but there has been so much to do and so little time 🙂

When I started this project, I never imagined it to have taken off so well and to be so successful. The whole point of the site was to show people in and around Crawley that we do actually have some fantastic events and some amazing people who live amongst us, and I think that has been achieved in a bigger way than expected. There are still some wonderful events happening in Crawley which we are not being made aware of, so if you know of anything, please call  07828276134 or email us editor@crawleyhappytimes.co.uk.

As there is only one of me (sorry our request for cloning was turned down due to lack of finaces lol) then it would be great for you, the community, to do your own write up, interviews, take pictures of the event you are attending, especially if you know we are not there. We will then put the on the site with your name on. How cool would that be!

The weather seems to be taking a turn now, but the sun has shone for longer than I ever remember for this time of year. And how lovely it has been.

Here’s to a wonderful week, whatever you are doing. Do keep in touch with us on our Facebook page, Crawley Happy Times. Oh and if you have married, got engaged or given birth, please let us know so we can celebrate your happy news with you 🙂

Shelley 🙂 xx

23rd September, ’09

It has been a very busy week (and weekend) for us here at Crawley Happy Times. We have redesigned the site slightly. This should make it less ‘busy’ and easier to navigate around. Let me know if you have any problems. We have had to create a new YouTube channel which is called The Crawley Happy Times, after someone took a shine to our last channel and hijacked it. We really should not be so popular 🙂 We apologies to those who took the time to watch, comment and rate the old video’s. We will get round to downloading them all onto the new channel very soon, so please go on and comment again if you wish.

They say the weather is going to stay nice all the way up to the weekend. That will be nice. We have loads going on in Crawley at the moment, a bit of everything for everyone. Do you know of any events we could report on?

Here’s to a wonderful end to your week and a fantastic weekend 🙂

Shelley x

14th September, ’09

It’s been a fairly quiet week in the world of Crawley, giving me a bit of a break, which was quite nice  as I got to spend time with the family and have a rest.  I decided to start a fan page on Facebook and it seems to have taken off nicely!  We only had a ‘Group’ before which did not notify us of any articles placed on it, so we were missing out on reporting on events. Now we get notified of everything put on the page. I have redesigned the site slightly, so please look on the ‘What’s on’ page to see upcoming events. These events will then be reported on and written up afterwards.  You could always report on an event yourself and send it in!  We are very happy to put your name to the article.

So, here’s to a wonderful week whatever you are doing and don’t forget to keep sending us all your happy good news. There is plenty of it out there!!  Have fun and keep smiling 🙂

Shelley x

8th September ’09

Hello and welcome to Shelley’s thoughts of the week.

I am the founder of Crawley Happy Times and thought it would be nice to give my personal thoughts each week about the events we have covered here on the site. The whole idea of this site is to encourage the people of Crawley to involve themselves in the good things that go on within our community. I have lived in Crawley since I was 3 years old and have seen many changes to Crawley, once a ‘New Town’. I am now 38 and have become accustomed to ‘change’ as it is forever occurring. I felt our town and it’s community were getting a raw deal where the media were concerned so decided to start this online project to show Crawley’s brighter positive side.

If you would like to write to us about a happy event (birthdays, weddings, births, christenings, openings etc) then please email me at shelley@crawleyhappytimes.co.uk and I will be happy to put it on. remember your pictures!

If you are having an event which you would like to encourage others to attend, then once again email me and I will put it on the site and then come down to cover the event to show the readers how it all panned out.

This site is for the community in every sense of the word. So if you are a business or a member of the public in Crawley, then this site is for you!

You can also follow us on twitter @CHTonline or Facebook ‘Crawley Happy Times’

I look forward to speaking to you next week.

Shelley 🙂