Community Wardens reunite stolen dog with owner

Bruno in the care of Community Wardens

A stolen dog from London was found in Broadfield Park on Saturday evening and successfully reunited with his owner on Sunday by Crawley Borough Council’s Community Wardens.

The Pomeranian X Chihuahua was picked up on Saturday evening and looked after for the night until the finder called the Community Wardens on Sunday morning. The Wardens attended the house and scanned the dog, Bruno, for a microchip, which showed that he belonged to a women in London.

Bruno’s owner was thrilled to receive the news that he is safe and sound, explaining he got through a broken garden fence on August’s bank holiday weekend and has been missing since.

The owner had given up all hope of finding her beloved pet after more than three weeks apart. She had tears of joy when reunited with Bruno, who was clearly very happy when he realised his owner was there to take him home.

Councillor Geraint Thomas, Cabinet member for Environmental Services and Sustainability, said: “I’m thrilled to hear that Bruno has been reunited with his owner. This is another success story for the council’s Community Wardens and proves again that microchipping is one of the best things an owner can do for their pet.”

This year, the Community Wardens received their ninth consecutive Gold Stray Dogs Footprint Award from the RSPCA for their hard work and dedication to keep local dogs safe. Bruno’s story is testament of this and shows the standard of care hasn’t slipped.

Since April 2016, microchipping your dog has been compulsory. It’s crucial for good dog welfare and provides dog owners with peace of mind. Owners have more chance of being reunited with a lost or stolen dog if they’re chipped. Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, Blue Cross and Dogs Trust all offer free microchipping.

If you come across a lost dog, please do the following: Check to see if the dog is wearing any form of identification that will enable you to return them directly to their owner. If they have no collar, contact the Community Wardens straight away on 07884 492324 and they will arrange to collect the dog from you, after investigating ownership of the dog.

If you find a dog between 9.30pm and 8.00am please call 07831 553906. The finder of a stray dog is required by law to return the dog to its owner or contact the local authority for the area in which the dog was found.

For more information on lost and found dogs, visit

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