Come talk with us at the East Crawley County Local Committee meeting


Members of the public are invited to ask questions during the upcoming East Crawley County Local Committee meeting next week.

Committee members on the East Crawley CLC will also consider the latest applications for Community Initiative Funding from local organisations during the meeting, which will be held on September 12th at 7pm in Crawley Library.

So far more than £9,000 out of a total pot of £24,000 has already been allocated for this financial year.

The Committee will also agree highways priorities to be considered for inclusion in the Local Infrastructure Plan for 2016/2017.

Chairman Richard Burrett said: “We look forward to hearing questions or comments from local people during our regular ‘Talk with Us’ Open Forum.

“We would also urge any local organisation that requires funding to progress a community project to find out more about Community Initiative Funding.”

Alternatively, you can always send your comments and points of view via email to : – they will not be ignored

The next meeting will be held at Crawley Library on 5th December.

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