Brighter Broadfield


Brighter Broadfield

Things are about to get a lot brighter in Broadfield when work to upgrade street lighting starts next month.

18 courts in central Broadfield have old and failing lights which are fitted to porches, making the areas dark and uninviting at night.

Crawley Borough Council is set to start replacing 217 lights in the next six weeks, responding to residents who are unhappy with their dimly lit streets and ensuring the new lights meet their standards.

Councillor Keith Blake, Cabinet member for Environment said: “This is really good news for a lot of people in central Broadfield who have put up with insufficient lighting in their neighbourhoods for a long time.

“It’s a big project so we’ll have to phase the work to make it manageable and minimise disruption. I hope the residents will be happy with their brighter streets and they’ll probably feel a lot safer too.”

The council aims to replace about 20 lights a month, focussing on broken lights first. Costing around £75,000 the project will take a year to complete, ending in March 2012.

Residents will be informed of the draft work timetable shortly.

Residents who would like more information can contact Michelle Fitzgerald-Lees, Neighbourhood Housing Manager for Inner Broadfield, on 01293 438374 or email


Areas include –

Adrian Court, Aston Court, Baylis Walk, Crossman Court, Dyson Walk, Flamsteed Heights, Greenwood Court, Herschel Walk, Jeans Court, Lindgren Walk, Marsh Court, Murray Walk, Seddon Court, Shinwell Walk, Silkin Walk, Strachey Court, Thomson Court and Webb Close.

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