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Crawley Happy Times is your online publication for Crawley. Established in June 2009 CHT only reports on the good news in Crawley and some surrounding areas. We use many online social networks to promote the website.

We currently get around 70,000/95,000 visitors per month (depending on content each month) to our website We use Facebook as a tool and have over 14,000 friends/followers who we update with promotions, daily news, traffic news, birthday dedications, community projects, charity events and anything that is going on in the local pubs, clubs and much more…

We also have over 4,000 followers on twitter. Follow us @CHTOnline.

We are happy to publicise all charity events or community based projects and competitions which benefit the public for FREE. If you would like us to cover any events you are organising, feel free to invite us along.

If you wish to know more about advertising on our website (advertising comes in many forms) please feel free to write to us at or call on 01293 400133 or 07380388223.

Thank you for your time and have a great day!

Shelley Fagence-Traynor

CHT is dedicated to the business’ of Crawley and neighbouring areas.

Crawley Happy Times is the town’s only online newspaper which reports specifically on the positive and happy events and news.  It makes perfect sense for your business to advertise with Crawley Happy Times. Remember online advertising is available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week where ever you have internet access, which today means about 98% of the UK.

Since going live in June 2009, the project has been funded personally by the founders. Your support will go a long way to maintaining its great online presence.

We offer various ways to promote your business online, all of which start at an amazingly low price. Please read through the options and then contact us or telephone 01293 400133 or 07380388223 for more details. Once we have confirmed your chosen option and cost you can use the PayPal button on this page to pay for the advert or we can invoice your business. Your advert will go live once this is all in place and the funds have been cleared.



We charge a flat fee of £100 per vacancy for upto 3 months. Promotion of the vacancy will be shared on 10 online networking platforms, such as fb, twitter, LinkedIn etc….


An advertorial on the website is charged at a flat fee of £150 per publication.

Prices For Front Page Ads and Pages and Listings: 

Box Adverts: This a box ad down the right hand side, a page for all your info and a listing on Crawley Happy Trades:

£75 per week

£195 per month

£900 for 6 months

£1500 for a whole year

Banner adverts; Which includes a box ad, a page and a listing under Crawley Happy Trades;

£100 per week

£250 per month

£1250 for six months

£2000 for a whole year

For any other length of time please email your requirements to

Linage ad in the Business Directory (Crawley Happy Trades)

To advertise in our directory is just £70 for 6 months or £120 for the year. Click here to see this page.

Please email your enquiry to


You can sponsor individual items of our equipment (camera, microphone, etc), our T-Shirts, bags, pens or a certain page on our website.

Video Advert:

We film the advert at your premises. You and your staff can appear in the advert itself to give it that personal feel if you wish. We will send you the finished advert for your own use as well as submitting it to the site. The cost will depend on where it appears, either on the advertising page or at the end of a video interview.

Still Image Advert:

This is a basic image with text to include contact details or linked to your own website.

For any other length of time please email your requirements to


To market your business or services via the top banner of our facebook page we charge a flat fee of £150 per month. Alternatively we can share your page for a small fee of £20 per share.

Payment can be made by BACS or via the DONATE button on the website…..invoices will be issued and articles/adverts published on receipt of funds.

Our aim to evolve into a full blown TV channel for Crawley and the surrounding areas, with live adverts in-between shows, documentaries, cartoons etc. We are looking for sponsors to help with the growth of this venture, so please get in touch if this is something you would like to be a part of.

Why go anywhere else!

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