7 Craziest and Most Unexpected Lottery Wins


Hundreds of people have become millionaires because of lotteries. However, did you know that some of them won a lottery without even participating? The craziness doesn’t stop there.

Some people have won one lottery after another, even bigger, making them even richer. Most lottery wins happen when you least expect it, and that’s when it gets interesting.

Knowing how to beat the odds is important, but it isn’t going to be easy, especially if you just play by your gut. That being said, some people have got lucky, and if you play the lottery, you could too.

The 7 Craziest and Most Unexpected Lottery Wins

Here are seven craziest and most unexpected lottery wins that’ll shock you.

1. Trash lottery

Will you ever go through trash to double check if the lottery ticket your family member threw away won anything? Well, Bryan Cureington from Louisiana did and won $200,000 from the $10 lottery ticket. He took home $142,000 after state and federal tax deductions.

2. Lucky Mazariegos

Most of us rant about ourselves not being lucky but guess who can’t say that ever? Antulio Mazariegos won four lotteries worth $6 million in just six months. His first lottery win was worth $1 million and came from a Scratchers ticket. After winning, he bought two more Scratchers tickets and won $1,000 and $600 respectively. The fourth one was the biggest, earning him $5 million from a California Black Premium Scratchers ticket. Guess who never has to work ever again?

3. Dreams are reality seen with eyes closed

Do you believe in dreams and that they can foresee the future? Victor Amole’s dream did tell him the correct lottery numbers. In his dreams, he saw that 3, 10, 17, 26 and 31 was a winning sequence, so he bought four tickets with that. Yes, you guessed it right – he won all four lotteries. Each of them had a prize of $100,000, so he took home $400,000.

4. Bittersweet

Bill Pendergast lost his house in a wildfire in 2016 and didn’t have sufficient funds to rebuild it. Pendergast bought a lottery ticket in hopes to make some quick cash. He returned home with a huge smile as he had just won $1 million. Not only he could build a house but also go on an around the world cruise and still have a lot of money.

5. Almost expired

Jimmie Smith is definitely the luckiest person living because he found a lottery ticket that was only a few days from expiring. He played the numbers and won $24 million in May 2016. It wasn’t until he saw on the news that the lottery hosts were finding the mysterious person who’d won the lottery that he went through the tickets in the pocket of his jacket, which was hung in the closet for days.

6. Grocery win

We go to a grocery store for two items and spend a thousand dollars on things we don’t need or want. However, New York’s John Lewis went to the grocery store and bought $10 Set for Life scratch-off lottery ticket. When he came out of the store, he wasn’t just John Lewis but $5 million richer John Lewis.

7. 20-years old’s dream come true

In all known human history, the highest lottery win amount goes to Shane Missler, who won $282 million, which he took in a lump sum amount. Apart from pursuing his passion, Missler wants to help the underprivileged and make the society a better place to live.

We see you rushing to the store to buy a lottery ticket!

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