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Crawley MP Welcomes Unveiling Of Government’s New Crime Map For Your Neighbourhood

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Crawley MP Welcomes Unveiling Of Government’s New Crime Map For Your Neighbourhood

Henry Smith welcomed a new web-based, interactive mapping system which, with only a quick postcode check, unveils crime and anti-social behaviour information occurring near you.

Henry said, “I believe residents have a right to know what is going on near their homes so I welcome this new scheme. It is part of the Government’s drive to ensure that there are greater levels of transparency, in this respect amongst crime, policing and Justice. This new interactive map while enable locals and public services to engage with Sussex Police in a more meaningful and productive way. This feature is yet another proposal from the Government that can help bridge the sense of disconnect which has developed between police and local communities over the past decade.”

He continued, “I regularly meet with the local, dedicated volunteers who make up our Crawley Neighbourhood Watch and they have explained to me how this new system has the power to either reassure residents or, where there are unexpected levels of crime, galvanise residents into being more vigilant in safeguarding their local community for themselves and their neighbours.”

The Vice-Chair of Crawley Neighbourhood Watch, Derek Pratt, has welcomed today’s announcement, saying, “It’s a good thing that people are aware of what’s going on in their neighbourhood.

“Often people have the impression that there is loads of crime when it’s not the case at all – the new police crime map will give confidence to people.”

A recent report by the National Policing Improvement Agency similarly supported such moves having carried out a randomised controlled trial to test the impact of crime maps and policing information. The report challenged the ‘myth’ that sharing information with the public would increase the ‘fear of crime’. In fact, information was found to improve people’s perceptions of their neighbourhood and of the local police.

The website, which can be viewed at, offers what the Home Secretary has called, “just the start.” The Government is committed to driving the transparency agenda even further and faster.

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