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The Kung Fu School excels in entertainment

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

The Kung Fu School in Spindle Way in Crawley leads the way in martial arts entertainment as well as being one of the best schools in the area.

Who are they?

The Kung Fu School is without a doubt Crawley’s premier martial arts facility and arguably one of the best in the UK. Fully equipped with modern and traditional training equipment, wooden dummies and wallbags, it has two training areas with solid wooden floors and mirrored walls. There is no better place to start martial arts training.


They are the longest established Wing Chun Club in Crawley with their first class opening in 1992. After many years in local halls and community centres, the appropriately titled ‘Kung Fu School’ was opened on Spindle Way in 2005. So when it comes to Kung Fu, they are experts in our field.

Having studied under some of the worlds most renowned (and sometimes controversial) Wing Chun masters, the Kung Fu School never rests on it laurels and is constantly pushing forward to develop its curriculum and making sure students have some of the best tuition available.  <source>

Sifu Paul Hawkes invited Crawley Happy Times to their recent Chinese Day. The school is always well attended on such events, as it was last year when the ex-Mayor Brenda Burgess experienced the entertainment for herself. You can read this article here.

This years was no exception. Sifu Paul and his team always make the events interesting and educational. We would like to thank the whole team for the invite and wish them all the success for the future.


Kung Fu School awarded by the Chinese

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

On Saturday the 20th February Shelley went along to the Kung Fu School based in Spindle Way, Crawley to see the Chinese perform.

A large number of people turned out to watch this truly wonderful event. A troupe of professional performers sent by the Chinese government came to celebrate The Kung Fu School being awarded the title of “Confucius Institute Classroom”… the Confucius Institute represents the Chinese government for promoting Chinese health, wellbeing & culture.  The Kung Fu School is the only martial arts school in the world to receive this title.  “It’s due our professionalism, knowledge and constant focus on developing & moving forward” says Master Paul Hawkes, Chief Instructor.

Paul went on to say “I really enjoyed the afternoon. It was so rewarding watching everyone enjoying themselves so much.  It puts a smile on my face just thinking about it. That’s what I dreamt of when I pictured my Kung Fu School, a safe, friendly, professional martial arts school for the whole of the family to enjoy.  I feel that we are on the right road, however there’s still plenty of room for improvement”.

Lots of people came to see this amazing event

The day was full of entertainment, dance from the Confucius Institute and some of the young Kung Fu School members. Also present to introduce each performance was Lara Martin, Project Manager for the Confucius Institute based in London South Bank University. Lara told us “it is a privilege to be here and we are very proud of Paul and his staffs achievement with the award. It’s great to see so many people here for this event”.

Lara Martin - Project Manager Confucius Institute

Mayor Brenda Burgess and Councillor Bob Burgess also attended this monumental occassion. Mayor Burgess and Councillor Burgess quite happily interacted with the proceedings, even taking part in some of the challenges set by Lara, which included showing how to use the fans and some very difficult handkerchief twirling and much more. Mayor Brenda Burgess told us “this is a wonderful event and we commend Paul and his staff for their achievement of being awarded the Confucius award”.

(L-R) Councillor Bob Burgess, Master Paul Hawkes and Mayor Brenda Burgess

Anita Parker of Crawley has a young son, Callum, who attends the Kung Fu School. Anita told us “Callum, who is six, has balance problems which he was getting physio for. Then I heard about the school and thought it might be a good thing for Callum. After only twelve weeks Callum’s balance has dramatically improved. I have even noticed a change in Callum’s attitude and school work, which is great. I would recommend the Kung Fu School to anyone”.

Callum and Mum, Anita Parker

Paul said they have lots planned for 2010 so we look forward to keeping you abreast of all forthcoming events.

Crawley Happy Times would to say a big well done to all involved in this truly spectacular event 🙂

Did you attend this event? Please feel free to comment below.


Clash of the cultures kicking their way to success

Friday, February 19th, 2010

Something special is happening in Crawley this weekend. For any sport or fitness fanatic, this could be an unmissable event. Paul Hawkes told us all about it.

Children from the Kung Fu School demonstrating at the National Portrait Gallery

Who is Paul Hawkes?

Paul Hawkes has been studying martial arts for almost thirty years, specialising in Wing Chun Kung Fu since 1986. During this time Paul has trained students in Karate, Judo, Muai Thai, Eskrima and various styles of Wing Chun. Paul opened his first class in 1991 and was awarded his Master grade in 2007 by Grand Master Kernspecht, the European Chief instructor for the largest Kung Fu organisation in the world.

Weapons demonstration at the National Portrait Gallery

Paul told us “In 2005 I realised my dream of having the finest full time Kung Fu School in the country when I opened The Kung Fu School at 1a Spindle Way.  The facility is truly outstanding and fully equipped with everything that you would ever need for your training”.

The flaming torch dance

Who can learn?

“We teach children & adults although not within the same classes because they learn very differently and their needs are often very different.  We have classes for 4 – 6 year olds, 7 – 12 year olds and 13+. 

We have classes Monday – Thursday & Saturdays.  We also offer Kung Fu birthday parties on Friday & Saturday afternoons which are very popular”.

Tai Chi sword

What is happening with The Kung Fu School this weekend?

Paul told us “Last Saturday twelve of our children performed at the National Portrait Gallery in Trafalgar Square for the Chinese New Year.  They were superb and what’s really great is that quite a few of them joined the school because they were shy and certainly would never have volunteered for anything.  Next thing, they’re on stage at one of the most famous Galleries in the world, performing in front of hundreds of people including VIP’s from the Chinese Embassy”.

Chinese papercutting dance

Paul went on to say “This Saturday we have a troupe of professional performers sent by the Chinese government to celebrate The Kung Fu Schools being awarded the title of “Confucius Institute Classroom”… the Confucius Institute represents the Chinese government for promoting Chinese health, wellbeing & culture.  We are the only martial arts school in the world to receive this title.  It’s due our professionalism, knowledge and constant focus on developing & moving forward”.

The event

There will be Lion dancing, traditional Chinese dancing, tai Chi, Wu Shu and then have mini workshops where the children can have a go at the various activities.

Chinese handkerchief dancing

They event is FREE and open to anyone over four years old and is from 2.00ish to 4.30. If you wish to attend this fantastic event please call on 01293 544333 to reserve your place.  If you would like more information about the Kung Fu School please check out our website

Acrobatic Wu Shu

The Kung Fu School are offering one month’s FREE membership to children and adults… so if you’d like to see what it’s like and why they are so unique call 01293 544333 to arrange your tour of the school and your first lesson.