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The Kung Fu School excels in entertainment

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

The Kung Fu School in Spindle Way in Crawley leads the way in martial arts entertainment as well as being one of the best schools in the area.

Who are they?

The Kung Fu School is without a doubt Crawley’s premier martial arts facility and arguably one of the best in the UK. Fully equipped with modern and traditional training equipment, wooden dummies and wallbags, it has two training areas with solid wooden floors and mirrored walls. There is no better place to start martial arts training.


They are the longest established Wing Chun Club in Crawley with their first class opening in 1992. After many years in local halls and community centres, the appropriately titled ‘Kung Fu School’ was opened on Spindle Way in 2005. So when it comes to Kung Fu, they are experts in our field.

Having studied under some of the worlds most renowned (and sometimes controversial) Wing Chun masters, the Kung Fu School never rests on it laurels and is constantly pushing forward to develop its curriculum and making sure students have some of the best tuition available.  <source>

Sifu Paul Hawkes invited Crawley Happy Times to their recent Chinese Day. The school is always well attended on such events, as it was last year when the ex-Mayor Brenda Burgess experienced the entertainment for herself. You can read this article here.

This years was no exception. Sifu Paul and his team always make the events interesting and educational. We would like to thank the whole team for the invite and wish them all the success for the future.