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A journey through breast cancer – Angelica

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Back in August 2010 a very dear friend called to say the four words no-one wants to hear, “I have breast cancer”.

Linda, known to most as Angelica, is a professional artistic photographer who also does modelling work, so when the doctor gave Angelica the news of her test results, it came as a massive blow.

In true ‘Angelica’ style, she took it all in her stride and decided to record her journey in the hope it would help others with awareness and strength of courage.

Running for the last two weeks and carrying on for the next week in Ginger Moo (County Mall) is the ‘Angelica – A Journey Through Breast Cancer’ which are photo’s of Angelica and her journey through treatment and recovery. We spoke to Angelica who told us “It wasn’t a conscious plan by me. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer last August the last thing that was going through my mind was that I should record what was happening in my life.

But as I am a photographer it was a natural thing for me to take photos either to express my emotions or to keep a record of events. As time went on I realised I had amassed quite a significant ‘snapshot’ of my life and that it would be interesting to share this openly.

It was a challenge to find a gallery who were prepared to display work about such an emotive subject, but Ginger Moo were happy to help and the exhibition opened in January 2011″.

We are very pleased to announce that Angelica has been given the all clear!

Many thanks go to Topsy Turvy, Ginger Moo, Mayor Cllr Lee Burke & Mayoress Cllr Ali Burke, Paul Daniels & Debbie McGee and all who supported Angelica before during and continue to do so 🙂

Against all odds

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Steve Littler is a determined gentleman on a mission to complete his first marathon.

Steve, Area Manager for Bishops Move in Crawley, is in training to run the Neolithical Marathan. This is a twenty six mile run from Avebury to Stone Henge. Why is Steve any different to any other runner, we hear you ask. Well, Steve sprained his ankle seven weeks ago and was originally told he would not be ready for the marathon in May. Instead of getting down about his situation, Steve made sure he gave his ankle as much rest as he could, then was back on his feet, determined to participate. Steve is raising money for a charity which has effected everyone at some time in their lives, including Steve. St Catherine’s Hospice is a charity dedicated to providing specialised support to local people and their families, friends and carers.

Steve attended Crawley Hospital’s walk in centre and told Shelley he was very impressed and pleased with the service he received. Crawley Hospital has always been portrayed in a negative light, so it was refreshing to hear Steve speak so highly of the staff and the hospital itself.

The twenty six mile marathon will be the first for Steve, who is not joined to any clubs but trains with family and friends. His wife just completed the London Marathon in a great time. Steve is hoping to complete this with his wife next year. We wish them both all the best for that. Crawley Happy Times would like to wish Steve all the best for his marathon, and we look forward on reporting Steve’s achievement.

If you would like to sponsor Steve please go here…

When Steve is not working or training for the marathon, he can be found playing bass guitar in a band called Flip The Bird. Our thanks goes to Neil Palfreyman for allowing us to use these great pictures 🙂

Shelley spoke to Steve about his trials and trivializations whilst preparing for such a feat.