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At Tom Crellin Consulting, we believe that the key to a successful business lies in the board’s approach to risk.  If the business is too risk-averse, it will stagnate.  On the other hand, a business that takes risks blindly is liable to collapse.  Our consultancy services are aimed at offering formal, industry-approved management systems.

So, how can we help you?

We act on a consultancy basis, either taking the lead or we will join your existing team. We will implement a programme of improvement in Information Security, Business Continuity or both.

We will:

determine where your business is now, analysing its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
conduct a Board-level discussion to determine your company’s position on standards compliance, risk appetite and what parts of the business are considered critical.
conduct a gap analysis to see where the current state differs from the board’s aspirations
devise and implement a plan of action, to resolve the issues identified – carry out an audit to test recovery plans and establish management reporting).
Put it place plans to provide continuous review and improvement.
Clients welcome from Sussex and the South East through to London and the M4 corridor.

We are professionally qualified in:

Business Continuity – putting tried and tested plans in place to continue operating the core functions of your business in the event of major disruption.
Information Security – we will build and maintain safeguards around confidential and valuable data.

For your initial free consultation:
Call us today on 01825 768980.

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