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Harvey Meets His Life Savers

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

On the 8th April 2014 tragedy struck when seven year old Harvey was playing on a rope swing at Cherry Lane Adventure Playground in Langley Green.

A wooden pole, suspected of rotting below the ground, broke in half and fell directly onto Harvey, striking him on the head. Harvey was seriously injured and rushed directly to St George’s Hospital.

Harvey has now fully recovered and has recently returned to school.


Yesterday (Wednesday 29th October) Harvey and his family were invited to the head quarters of the Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance based at Redhill Aerodrome, Redhill to meet the crew who played a major part in saving Harvey’s life on the day of the incident.

CHT speak to Stuart Plumbley & Jill Playle:

We had the pleasure of speaking to Stuart Plumbley who is a Critical Care Paramedic (with advanced training) and was one of the paramedics who attended the scene back in April. Stuart told us “Harvey, bless him, he had an accident in the playground where he sustained quite a bad head injury. Myself, Dr Matt Davenport and Captain Dan Kitterridge, the pilot, attended the scene and looked after little Harvey. We were able to bring life saving interventions to the scene, which in this case was to anaesthetise him. We then flew him to St George’s Hospital in Tooting. This only took us eleven minutes thanks to the new helipad on top of the hospital. If we had gone by land it would have taken about forty minutes. Going by air makes a massive saving and can make all the difference. Now being able to land directly on top of the hospital saves even more time, and more lives.”

Stuart told us he has been a paramedic with the ambulance service for seventeen years and with the air ambulance for nearly five years. Stuart said it is a great organisation. Working closely with his SECAmb (South East Coast Ambulance) colleagues he believes they make a significant difference to patient outcomes.


We got to speak to Jill Playle, Director of Communications at KSS Air Ambulance. Jill told us “We rely almost entirely on funds from the general public. It costs six and a half million pounds to keep the operation going. Harvey’s story is a great example and illustration of where the money goes, how it is used and how we help people.”

We asked Jill how people can help to fund raise for the KSS Air Ambulance. Jill told us “people can fund raise for us in many different ways. they do parachute jumps, challenges, cycle rides, marathons etc, there are lots of ways to help raise money. People can also join our lottery, which is s valuable way of raising money for the organisation. Just Giving is a great system to use if doing a fund raising event. We are one of the listed charities and we also get the chance to receive Gift Aid which is great.”

CHT speak to Faye Hankin & Ros Hankin:

Faye Hankin, Harvey’s mum, spoke to us about their visit to the KSS Air Ambulance. Faye told us “It’s been a great day. Harvey has got to meet the paramedics and the pilot. If it wasn’t for them, Harvey may not have survived. We are really grateful to the new helipad at St George’s, which only opened the day before the incident. Harvey may have had to go to Southampton which could have taken longer and time was of the essence.”

Ros Hankin, Harvey’s Nan told us “We can’t thank the KSS Air Ambulance enough. We were in total despair. When we were told Harvey may not wake up we were devastated. We are a big family and rallied round each other. Harvey missed his eighth birthday on the 10th April. The accident was on the 8th April and he was in a coma for a week. When he woke up he was able to see the balloons. We just can’t thank them all enough and of course St George’s. They were all brilliant.”

Ros went on to tell us how they, as a family, had raised £440 to donate to the KSS Air Ambulance. They felt it was the least they could do and will continue to raise funds whenever they can.

Harvey and his family visit the KSS Air Ambulance:

The staff at KSS Air Ambulance had a special treat for Harvey in the form of a birthday cake to make up for Harvey missing his birthday whilst being in a coma. Harvey and his brother also got to a tour on the Air Ambulance that played its part in saving Harvey’s life.

You can read more about the launch of the fantastic time saving and life saving helipad at St George’s Hospital here.

If you would like to support the Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance in any way, you can do so by visiting their website here or giving them a call on 01622 833833.


We would like to thank the Hankin family for their time and thank you to Jamie and Jill from KSS Air Ambulance for inviting CHT down to be part of this great occasion.

We would like to wish Harvey all the best for his future.

Care and support website continues to grow

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

A website that helps West Sussex residents to live independently is continuing to increase in popularity.

West Sussex Connect to Support ( launched in April with information and an online market place for people to find and buy the support they need.

The website helps anyone who needs some support to remain independent, to shop for support services and products, find local activities and groups and look up information and advice.

People can use their own money, or funding they get from the County Council, to purchase online services, the same way as they would purchase other products over the internet.

Hundreds of different products and services are available to purchase and the number is rising each week as more organisations register with the website.

Veena Chohan, a carer from Crawley, said: “This website is a good idea for carers like me as it makes things a lot easier to find instead of going to lots of different pages. The categories are easy to use and it is easy to navigate around the website. I can see this website making life easier for me.”

Mandy Paine, a carer from Littlehampton who runs a support line for other carers, said: “I think it is an absolutely brilliant idea. At the click of a button you can immediately find the services or products you need.”

Peter Catchpole, West Sussex County Council’s Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Health, said: “West Sussex Connect to Support is all about giving people who use health and social care services more control and say over their own support.

“By registering with the website people can look at what is available, the cost of the service and whether it operates in their neighbourhood. Although it is early days for the website the feedback so far has been very positive and really encouraging.”

Businesses can find out more about promoting the products and services they offer can register in a provider area on the website ( or for more information they can call 0333 600 6330.



Wednesday, October 29th, 2014


West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service is urging people to celebrate safely during their firework and bonfire festivities by attending an organised display rather than holding an event at home.

Jackie Boyle, Community Fire Safety Officer for West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service, said:

“We’re calling for people to help prevent emergencies by attending, wherever possible, a properly organised community bonfire and firework event. The fireworks set off will be more spectacular than those people use in their garden and they are much safer.

“Traditionally, the firework season can be a busy time of year for fire services and this year it coincides with the most prolonged period of FBU strike action since the start of the dispute. That means it is vitally important that people follow our safety advice and don’t take unnecessary risks.

“If anyone can’t attend an organised event and is planning a firework party at home, then please follow some basic precautions to help keep you and your family stay safe.”

Firework Safety:

. Only buy fireworks marked BS 7114
. Keep fireworks in a closed box
. Follow the instructions on each firework
. Light fireworks at arm’s length using a taper
. Stand well back
. Never go back to a lit firework – even if it hasn’t gone off it could still explode
. Never throw fireworks or put them in your pocket
. Light sparklers one at a time, wear gloves and don’t give sparklers to children under five.
. Stay in full control if you’re lighting fireworks – avoiding alcohol is the safest option!

Bonfire safety:

. Let your neighbours know you are planning to have a bonfire or they may end up dialling 999.
. Don’t use petrol or paraffin to get the fire going – you run the risk of the fire flashing up and burning you.
. Build your bonfire away from sheds, fences and trees.
. Avoid having a bonfire in windy conditions – it increases the likelihood of the fire spreading out of control.
. Don’t build it too big, and make sure it is stable.
. Don’t burn aerosols, tyres, canisters or anything containing foam or paint – they can produce toxic fumes or explode.
. Don’t leave your bonfire unattended or leave it smoulder when you have finished – make sure it is fully extinguished.

For information on organised bonfire and firework displays visit

Happy Birthday To Our Royal Marines….Thank You

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

Royal Marines 350yrs

In memory and respect of 350 year of service by our Royal Marines, we asked Royal Marine David Lilburn MBE to tell us a little about what the Royal Marines are all about and how it all started. David left the Royal Marines as a Colour Sergeant. He served for 25 years, as did his father who served 28 years, his grandfather 26 years and his great grandfather 22 years……this is what David told us:

The Royal Marines Convening Order (the start)

The Kings Most Excellent Majesty.

His Royal Highness the Duke of York, Lord Chancellor, Lord Treasurer, Duke of Albermarl, Duke of Ormond, Lord Chamberlain, Earle of Angelesey, Earle of Lauderdaill, Earle of Middleton, Lord Bishop of London, Lord Ashley, Mr Vice Chamberlain, Mr Secretary Morice, Mr Secretary Bennet, Mr Chancellor of Ye Dutchy, Sir Edward Nicholas

Upon a report from the Lords Committee of the Affairs of His Majesties Navy Royal and Admiralty of this Kingdom this read at the board.

His Majesty was pleased to order and direct that twelve hundred land soldiers be forthwith raised, to be in readiness, to be distributed into Majesties Fleets prepared for sea service which said twelve hundred men are to be out into one regiment under one Colonel, one Lieutenant Colonel and one Sergeant Major. And be divided into six companies, each company to consist of two hundred soldiers; and to have one Captain, one Lieutenant, one Ensign, one Drum, four Sergeants, and four Corporals, and all the soldiers aforesaid to be armed with good firelocks; all which armies, drums and colours are forthwith to be prepared and furnished out his majesties stores; the care of all which is recommended to the Duke of Albermarle his grace, lord General of his Majesties Forces.”

The above was the initial Convening Order for twelve-hundred soldiers to be recruited for service as a regiment of land and sea soldiers for service in King Charles II Naval Fleet. Initially the regiment was know as the Duke of York and Albany’s Maritime Regiment of Foot and later became known as the Admiral’s Regiment. The regiment was renamed several times and actually disbanded on two occasions, in 1713 and then after War of Austrian Succession. In 1755 fifty new companies of marines were created and through the years the number of companies grew and in 1802 they were given the title Royal Marines by King George III, to reflect their steadfast loyalty to the Crown during the war with France. In 1804 an artillery division was created, and later separated into their own division in 1859, under the name Royal Marine Artillery. Finally in 1923, both of these divisions combined as the Corps of Royal Marines.

As a result of this Order, this fighting force of courageous infantry soldiers became seamen and played a significant role aboard the warships as part of the Royal Navy. These Marines on the sea used their muskets against enemy ships (often from above) and when on land, their infantry training played a significant role in many battles throughout history, most notably the war with France and Spain in 1704 when the British troops attacked the Rock of Gibraltar,“1,900 British and 400 Dutch marines prevented Spanish reinforcements reaching the fortress. Later, British ships bombarded the city while marines and seamen stormed the defences.” The Great Victory of Trafalgar in 1805 involving a large fleet of Royal Navy warships with a compliment of 2,700 Royal Marines defeated the Franco-Spanish fleet. The attack against the Barbary Corsairs in 1816, Bombardment of Algiers, where significant loss of life occurred on both sides and victory for the British which resulted in the release of over 1,000 slaves.

The Royal Marines have had a long and enduring history that is reflected in their present-day badge. The Lion and Crown reflect the Royal honours granted to the regiment in 1802 by King George III. “Gibraltar” has a significant meaning to the old marine regiments during the aforenoted Siege of Gibraltar in 1704 (which was led by Admiral Sir George Rooke, a English naval commander). In the centre, the “world globe” was chosen by King George IV as a symbol that represents the Royal Marines’ global success around the world. The encompassing laurel leaves are believed to honour their gallant effort during the capture of Belle Isle in 1761. The fouled or tangled anchor symbolizes the difficulties associated with service in the Marines. Finally, the Latin phrase “Per Mare Per Terram” roughly translates to “By Sea, By Land”; this is the motto of the Marines, which first appeared on the headdress of the men during the Battle of Bunkers Hill in 1775.

Link to video:

The BBC have an excellent video which we would like to link too. Please click here.

Hi-Res-Logo-Variant-11-Inverted-Colours2David Lilburn MBE and published author of poetry, wrote us this poem for today also:

In town or a city, by an ocean so bright,
We gather this October 28th so proudly tonight,
To honour all Royal Marines, so far and so near,
It is a birthday we celebrate each and every year.

We’ve lived 350 years, I am so told,
Wait, no man could ever be that old,
You are right, my wise and cherished friend,
It’s the Royal Marines, to whom greetings we send.

We look at those gathered at the ocean shore,
I sense a difference from celebrations before,
There has been a concern who would fill our ranks when we fall,
In years to come, who will answer the call.

Gathered amongst the brothers are faces lined with wars of the past,
And the new breed at each table, recognized by the youth they cast,
Men who have served with honour in the struggles of today,
In continents and lands that are so far away.

Lift your glasses to every brother who has been to Hell,
In all parts of this world, they have served their Corps well,
The ranks of the old embrace the new members, some son’s,
Come back to us safe, when your war is won.

The 350th celebration is drawing to a close for another year,
We had time to tell stories and, yes, shed a tear,
We are aware that there are many in our ranks who will not be here,
To witness the joy and happiness of spending time with those dear.

Per Mare – Per Terram, Royal, gathered here with good cheer,
Look around you, it’s the image of those faces so dear,
A more powerful bond was never know to another,
Than that relationship of our Royal’s, Brother to Brother.

St Francis back to their winning ways!

Monday, October 27th, 2014


St Francis got back to their winnings ways on Saturday after an incredibly entertaining game against Horsham 3s. Horsham had brought a challenging side mixing the old guard with youth and they were some really exciting talent who tested St Francis whenever they had the chance.

Horsham were first on the leaderboard when their outside centre made a burst through the Saints defence and scored under the posts – it looked for a moment that the Saints were going to be in for torrid afternoon.

It was Jack Norrie who scored the first of many Saint’s try in a well composed attack from their line out. Norrie, putting in his third man of the match performance this season, scored a second try later in the game.

Hugely influential Captain Tom Bruce scored under the posts after the backs went on the attack and this was shortly followed by an incredible try from fly half Privitera who weaved his way through Horsham’s defence comfortably.

As the game went on the Saints continued to find their form and in the second half some tactical changes saw winger Alex Reid come on and score in the first few minutes of the second half. Another notable change was bringing on Jason Boyer who made a huge impact in the front row which proved too strong for Horsham – he was also unlucky to be disallowed a try as he charged for try line only to be ‘held up’.

The Saints are continuing to grow as a team and it seems clear that with Emon Keshavarz slotting into the scrum half position it has helped the team hugely. His brother Arjan also has to be noted for putting in a bruising display as he made hard yards round the park tackling and looking for the offloads.

Horsham managed to score once more in the dying minutes of the game as a quick reaction to a charge down saw them score in the corner.

Saints face Norfolk Arms away at their new ground next week – the Arms are always a side that Saints relish and will again test them as they push to hold themselves at the top end of the table.


Paul Sparkes / Ryan Lace / Vincent McGahan / Mark Devlin / Darren Shadbolt / Arjan Keshavarz / Jack Norrie / Steven Hand / Emon Keshavarz / Antonio Privitera / Tom Bruce (Capt) / David Ayres / Tim Rodgers / Adam Pique / Alex Minnis


Jason Boyer / Matthew Vaughan / Mark Eastman / Alex Reid / Gary Hall / Warren Shortz

St Francis 1st XV   31  Horsham 3s      12


Norrie 2

Bruce 1

Reid 1

Privetera 1

Cons: 3

Let it snow! Family support charity asks for support for its Snowflake Appeal

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

Homestart CHARMS

Local charity Home-Start CHAMS is launching its first ‘Snowflake Appeal’ to raise funds for its work supporting vulnerable local children and families who are struggling to cope.

“Many young children face tragedy and hardship,” said Liz Roe, Manager at Home-Start CHAMS, “When families struggle to cope with illness, disability, bereavement, poor housing, mental ill health, or many of these problems at once, Home-Start supports them until they can stand on their own two feet again. ”

Last year they supported 327 children in 146 families throughout Crawley, Horsham and Mid Sussex where they work.  But still the charity cannot keep up with demand for its support, with the number of families referred to them for help rising almost 20% in the last year.

A local mum explained what the charity meant to her and her children: “Home-Start has been very supportive. They kept me grounded. If it hadn’t been for Home-Start I would have gone over the edge.”  To be able to offer the vital support families need and make sure they can reach even more vulnerable local children in 2015, Home-Start CHAMS is asking local people to get involved in the Snowflake Appeal, which runs from 1st November until 31st January.

“The circumstances of each child and family are unique and fragile,” said Jacquie Thomas, Fundraising and Marketing Manager at Home-Start CHAMS.  “And we tailor make our support to their unique needs.  That is why we have a unique and fragile snowflake to represent the appeal”.

Home-Start CHAMS has been supporting local families since 1998.  They can do this for just £27 a week, but need over £200,000 every year to support all the families who ask for their help.  All funds raised by their Snowflake Appeal will go to help local children and families.

“We are asking people to do something they love to help raise funds,” added Jacquie.  “Whether you make snowflake decorations to sell, get sponsored to run to the North Pole (on a treadmill at your gym!), or get your school involved in a Snowflake bake sale – there is a way to fundraise to suit everyone.”

Free fundraising ideas packs and details of other ways you can support the Snowflake Appeal are available from or by contacting them on 01293 416327.


Taxi Causes Horse To Throw Rider

Monday, October 20th, 2014

On Thursday 16th October a teenage girl was riding her horse down Rectory Lane, Ifield when a white taxi with black writing down the side drove up close to her horse. This action frightened the horse causing him to buck and throw the girl off. The young girl landed in the road. Disgustingly, the taxi driver failed to stop or even check on the condition of the young lady, he just drove off. Fortunately, except for some severe bruising, the girl and horse are ok.

Horse Road

The mother of the young girl, who both wish to remain anonymous, told CHT “the next person may not be so fortunate. If anybody has any information or saw it, please notify the police. The only description we have is that it was a white taxi with black writing on the side. It all happened so quickly and my daughter didn’t really get the chance to see the registration number. My daughter is badly bruised but it could have been much worse. The police reference number is 1318 of 16/10/2014. We would be grateful for any information which would lead us to the driver, so at least we can educate him on why it is so important for traffic to slow down and not come too close to a rider and their horse.”

Horses are large and powerful animals; they are also ‘flight’ animals which makes them unpredictable and easily scared.
If something like a speeding car or a barking dog frightens a horse, its natural reaction will be to get away from whatever scared it. This will be sudden and could take them straight into the road and the path of a car – even an experienced rider on a well-behaved horse will struggle to control a horse in this situation.

Country lanes are the most common place you will encounter horses. Given their size and power, a collision with a horse will endanger yourself and others in your car as well as the horse and its rider.

If you meet a horse on the road while driving:

  • Slow right down and be ready to stop
  • Give them a wide berth – at least a car’s width – and pass slowly
  • Avoid any actions likely to spook the horse(s) – splashing them with puddles, sounding your horn or revving your engine for example
  • Watch out for signals from the rider to slow down or stop
  • Don’t expect all riders to raise their hand in thanks when you drive considerately – if it’s not possible to take a hand off their reins and maintain control most will smile or nod their thanks instead.
  • Accelerate gently once you have passed the horse

We would like to wish this young lady and her horse a speedy recovery and would encourage anyone with information to contact the police on 101 or you can call us in confidence on 01293  572182.

Stolen Fishing Tackle from Angling Academy

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

West Sussex & Surrey Angling Academy is a multi award winning project with lots to offer the community.

West Sussex Angling Academy

Their missions statement says “To promote social inclusion for the public benefit by preventing people from becoming socially excluded, relieving the needs of those people who are socially excluded and assisting them to integrate into society, in particular through the art of fishing.
For the purpose of this clause ‘socially excluded’ means being excluded from society, or parts of society, as a result of one or more of the following factors: unemployment; financial hardship; youth or old age; learning difficulties; ill health (physical or mental); substance abuse or dependency including alcohol and drugs; discrimination on grounds of sex, race, disability, ethnic origin, religion, creed, sexual orientation or gender re-assignment; poor educational or skills attainment, crime (either as a victim of crime or as an offender rehabilitating into society).”

Ironically Graham Cridland, project leader of this amazing organisation had his fishing tackle stolen from his car outside his home in Bewbush.

The stolen items include:

An olive green Crivit tackle bag
Crane cool bag with £500 worth of fishing end tackle teaching equipment.
Berkley weigh scales
A small fox box
A clear plastic box with pole bits in.
10 feeders.
3 bite alarms
weigh sling
First Aid Kit
Leatherman Supertool
3 pairs of braid scissors
50 packs of Drennan hook to nylon
10 plumb weights
2 7 divider mini shot packs
3 7 divider shot packs
4, 6 & 8lb 1000 meter spools of line
A Navy Blue fleece with PAA logo on back and Graham Cridland L2 Coach on front
2 sky blue fishing towels with WSSAA Logo on.

This happened sometime between 13:30 Saturday (11th Oct) afternoon and 07:30 Monday (13th Oct) morning.

If you have any information or hear of someone trying to sell some of the items listed above, please contact Graham on 07919024021 or the police on 101. Alternatively you can call or write to us here at CHT where the information will be treated as private and confidential.

Metrobus And The Police Working Together To Tackle Attacks On The Buses

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

Local Social Media has been inundated with messages of disappointment and disgust over the behaviour of a handful of people in Broadfield of late. This refers to the bus incidents. Our readers asked us to look into it more on their behalf. So we made some calls.

We spoke to Tim Pinkney, Service Quality Officer for Metrobus who told us “We have the police in our offices right now to discuss the situation further. We can confirm, thanks to CCTV on the buses, that the police have detained a young male who is helping them with their enquiries. The police assure us there will be a heavy presence in Broadfield tonight, just in case.”

We asked Tim for more details on what had actually occurred to which he told us “there have been 11 incidents over the course of the last two weeks. It seems a large number of hockey balls have been obtained by individuals who are using them to throw at passing buses. It then seems that others are joining in with airgun pellets and eggs. We take the safety of our passengers very seriously and they come first and foremost, therefore the driver of the bus attacked last night left the scene as quick as possible. The night before last (Monday) a passenger was injured by flying glass when one of these balls smashed the window, so we were not taking any chances this time round.

“The police assure us they are dealing with this as effectively as they can and we are helping them with CCTV and statements from drivers”.

Tim told us “the drivers actually have an idea of who the people are. It is a small town really. They have given the details to the police. Our passengers are the important ones so we postponed the buses in the area for their safety. We have no plans to cancel this route. This would be our very last resort but we are confident the perpetrators will be identified shortly and this situation will come to an end.”

Tim went on to thank the public for their support and patience saying “we are very grateful to the public and the support they have shown and would like to thank them.”

We then spoke to the police who sent us this:

Latest Update:

Police were called at 7pm to Creasys Drive and 7.25pm on 13th October to Pelham Drive, both in Broadfield, Crawley to reports of objects being thrown at buses.

No obvious damage was caused to the buses.

District Commander Chief Inspector Justina Beeken said: “Extra patrols have been set up in the area and the neighbourhood policing team for Broadfield are working on these incidents as a matter of priority. The buses have not been the only victims, a delivery van was also targetted. There has also been incidents of criminal damage, fire and other vehicles have also had objects thrown at them. We are working closely with the bus company to find those responsible.

Anyone with information please contact police on quoting serial 1159 of 12/10. Alternatively, call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”

Previous Update:

A passenger was slightly injured when an object struck a bus in Crawley on Sunday evening (October 12th).

The driver of the bus called his control room around 6.45pm to report that a window had been smashed as the bus travelled along Pelham Drive and a man had received a cut face. Ambulance paramedics treated the man at the scene.

At 8.13pm, police received another call reporting that another bus had had a window smashed in Coachman’s Drive, possibly by a baseball or similar object.

Officers are investigating a number of other incidents in the area on Sunday night, which may be linked to a group of youths who were seen in the area.

A tree was set alight and a fence was broken down in Balmoral Court and a bin cupboard was set alight near the Imperial public house around 9.20pm.

Police would like to hear from anyone who witnessed any of the incidents or who have any information about them. Please email or call 101 quoting serial 1159 of 13/10. Alternatively, call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

We would urge anyone who may be involved with this behaviour to consider their actions. One of your relatives could have been on one of the buses….help us to stay a great town where others feel safe to visit and live.

If you would like to speak in confidence, you can call us here at CHT on 01293 572182.


Have your say on potential cemetery

Monday, October 13th, 2014
(l-r) Kathy Bennett, Girlguiding Crawley; Councillor Colin Lloyd, Cabinet member for Environment; Karen Jessep, Division Commissioner of Girlguiding Crawley

(l-r) Kathy Bennett, Girlguiding Crawley; Councillor Colin Lloyd, Cabinet member for Environment; Karen Jessep, Division Commissioner of Girlguiding Crawley

Crawley Borough Council has identified a viable site for a new cemetery and wants to hear what residents, interested organisations and faith groups think of the proposal.

The site, which is on council-owned land at the Guides’ campsite at Little Trees adjacent to the A264 Crawley South West By-Pass, could provide enough cemetery space for up to 50 years.

Since the site was identified as a possible location for a cemetery earlier this year the council has carried out a variety of assessments and investigations to see if Little Trees was suitable. These included:

  • A traffic impact assessment to investigate traffic movements in the area
  • An ecological/habitat survey was carried out to identify the wildlife and protected species within the site
  • A topographical survey on site
  • An arboricultural survey to record the position and condition of the trees on site
  • A ground investigation to record water levels.

All of these tests have shown that Little Trees is a suitable site for a cemetery.

The Guides have agreed to move from Little Trees to a new base in the Tilgate Forest Recreation Centre, with adjacent land set aside for camping.

The council is now consulting on this proposal until Tuesday 11th November. Anyone who wants to have their say should either visit and fill in the eform or pick up a paper questionnaire from the Town Hall or Crawley Library. Answers to frequently asked questions are also available online.

The council is also holding drop-in events for residents and community groups to ask questions and discuss the proposal with officers. These take place at

K2 Crawley leisure centre on 22nd October from 6-8pm and the Civic Hall on 30th October from 12 noon-2pm.

Councillor Colin Lloyd, Cabinet member for Environment, said: “The search for a new cemetery site has been long and arduous so I’m delighted that all of our tests have shown Little Trees to be suitable.

“Now we want anyone with a view on this proposal to let us know, either by completing the eform on the council’s website or a paper copy of the questionnaire.

“I’d also like to thank Girlguiding Crawley for agreeing to facilitate a potential cemetery by moving from Little Trees if the site is taken forward.”

Karen Jessep, Division Commissioner of Girlguiding Crawley, said: “We are able to support in principle the council’s proposal to use Little Trees as Crawley’s next cemetery, as we are confident that the facilities we are being offered at Tilgate will enable us to continue to offer challenge and adventure to hundreds of local girls.

“Although Little Trees is much-loved locally, relocating our wide range of outdoor activities to a new base and campsite at Tilgate will increase the range of experiences we can offer to the girls and young women of Crawley.”

For more information on the consultation and the Little Trees site, visit or email

The council’s cemetery at Snell Hatch in West Green is fast running out of space and a new site must be identified and acquired by April 2016.

Following a change to the layout of Snell Hatch Cemetery late last year it can remain open to all sections of the community until 2017.

Girlguiding is the leading charity for girls and young women in the UK, with 553,633 members. Thanks to the dedication and support of 100,000 amazing volunteers, we are active in every part of the UK, giving girls and young women a space where they can be themselves, have fun, build brilliant friendships, gain valuable life skills and make a positive difference to their lives and their communities.

We build girls’ confidence and raise their aspirations. We give them the chance to discover their full potential and encourage them to be a powerful force for good. We give them a space to have fun. We run Rainbows (5–7 years), Brownies (7–10 years), Guides (10–14 years) and the Senior Section (14–25 years).

Registered Charity No. 306016

Apply now for September 2015 school places

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

Parents of West Sussex children who are starting school for the first time next September, or who are transferring to junior or secondary school, are being urged not to leave their applications until the last minute.

Online applications are now open and can be submitted to West Sussex County Council for places at primary, junior, intermediate or secondary schools.

Applying online is quick and easy, and allows parents to receive details of the school they have been offered by email.

Parents should have received a letter from the County Council if their child is due to start or move school in September 2015, but they do not need the letter to apply for a place.

Further information is available at Parents who do not have internet access, but have an email address, can apply for free at a West Sussex Library or Children and Family Centre, where staff can offer assistance if needed.

Parents can express a preference of up to three schools for their child. If they wish their child to be considered for their catchment school they must list this as one of their three preferences.

The deadline for applying for intermediate and secondary schools is Friday 31st October 2014.

The deadline for applying for starting school and junior schools is Thursday 15th January 2015.

Changes to the age at which children transfer to a different school in Worthing come into effect from September 2015. This means that all Worthing middle and primary school children currently in Years 6 and 7 must make an application for a secondary school place.

In addition, changes are also being made to the first school system in Worthing. West Sussex County Council will be contacting all parents affected by these changes to let them know what they need to do.


Poetry Day 2014 – Remember

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

Today marks Poetry Day 2014. The theme for this year is ‘Remember’.

National Poetry Day2

We asked the people of Crawley for their poems and this is what we received.

Chell Everett

Remembering Past Love

My heart was closed to pain and hurt,
Then I met you, all smiles and flirts,
I let you in inch by inch, and never noticed the slightest hints,

To start with it was all laughs and smiles,
Then the subtle changes showed their ways,
Don’t do this and don’t say that were you really that chap I really did adore?

The late nights out I never questioned, trust you said was so important,
I trusted and believed your every word, how was I to know the damage that you would cause

You weren’t the man I thought you were, the scars you’ve caused you cannot see but they will always be with me,

I cannot trust, I cannot love I have to heal and feel unloved, until the day when he arrives the one true man who has no demands just true love.

Hatty Strange

“She sits there,
just sits there

She doesn’t move.
she doesn’t care

Her face as white as snow,
her eyes are blue & glow

She sits there,
just sits there

She doesn’t smile
She doesn’t talk

She never waves
or says ‘Hello’

She sits there,
just sits there

She may seem cold
She may seem rude

That’s not her fault….

She’s just a portrait on the wall.”

David Lilburn MBE 

Past Dreams…

A little lad sat on his own, thinking of past dreams,
A football lay by his side, falling apart at its seams,
The final score had just come in, the result was 3 – 2,
His football mates had lost again but that was nothing new.

Winning didn’t mean that much to this lonely, little lad,
What bothered him most was the absence of his dad,
There were eleven kids and ten dads at almost every game,
And everyone knew why his dad wasn’t there but still it wasn’t the same.

His dad was a Royal Marine, a thing they call a ‘Booty’,
He’d been in wars and such and often was away on duty,
But then one day his dad came home without his usual pride,
And told his Mum they had to talk, his draft had just arrived.

He heard his dad speak of things he didn’t understand,
Like duty, family and brotherhood and what’s expected of a man,
His Mum sat there quiet, her face it showed her fear,
He knew that she had heard some words she didn’t want to hear.

And then his dad hugged him up just like any other day,
And said “You know I love you son, but I’ve got to go away,”
“You know that I’m a Royal Marine and you know what we must do,
We board the ships and fight the wars for loved ones just like you.”

To the little lad it seemed like that had been a long, long time ago,
And this little boy really needs a dad around to help him as he grows,
To hold the bike when he learns to ride and to tie his new school shoes,
But most of all he needs a dad to fill his life whenever he feels blue.

His mother read him letters that his dad used to write,
With weird new words he’d never heard that filled his mind with fright,
His dad spoke of all the men who helped him fight the war,
And how his brothers the day before had won the fight so far.

His letters spoke of courage and a brand new brotherhood,
Forged of Royal Marines fighting for the common good,
And he praised the brave young heroes, wearing berets of green so true,
And he said “we keep the peace and fight the wars for loved ones just like you.”

Everyday the young boy waited for the postman to come by,
For he loved his dad’s letters but they made his mother cry,
Just how long, the young boy wondered, would his mother have to wait,
For his dad to come walking down the drive and through the garden gate.

As the young boy ate his ice cream and his mother cleaned the floor,
There appeared a Naval padre knocking softly on the door,
“We regret to inform you Ma’am” was the way the speech began,
Then the mother grabbed her little boy and out the house she ran.

Cuddled tightly to his mother, the young boy began to cry,
At his mother’s mournful comments “Please no, and why Oh Why?,
Even at this young age, he knew his dad was gone,
And that he and his mother would now be all alone.

A little lad sat on his own, living his past dreams,
A football lay at his side, falling apart at its seams,
He wiped away the tears of sadness just as the coffin passed by,
And said “Dad, I don’t want to be a Royal Marine. It makes my mother cry.”


We will add more as more come in…..send yours now by email

Clearwater Charity Golf Day For The Matt Hampson Foundation

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

Several local company’s continue to raise funds for sports injuries charity The Matt Hampson Foundation, a charity that supports young people seriously injured through sport. The charity received a further boost last week at an annual fund-raising golf day.


More than 60 golfers swung their clubs for the cause at the Cottesmore Hotel Golf & Country Club in West Sussex on September 19th, at the 5th annual event organised by Crawley based Clearwater People Solutions Ltd. Local companies sponsoring a hole included Basepoint, Coast Networks, Futurelink Group, Office Angels, Catlin Group, IDD Ltd Contracts, HabaSped, Gatwick Motor World, Studex, Frosty’s and Seaford College.

The teams challenged each other in various competitions ranging from the longest drive and hole-in-one to “beat the pro” and nearest pin.

Justin Acres, Managing Director and founder of Clearwater People Solutions Ltd and Business Person of the Year for the Gatwick Diamond Business Awards 2011, was responsible for overseeing the event. As a former Wasps player and devoted coach at Horsham Rugby Club, rugby is a game very close to Justin’s heart.

The Clearwater Staff with MD Justin Acres

He commented:

“I’m extremely proud to support the Matt Hampson Foundation, and I would like to thank all of the team captains for their generosity and support on the day. Matt is a true inspiration in the world of rugby and Clearwater People Solutions will be continuing to support ‘Hambo’ and his foundation. Looking forward to next year!”

Matt Hampson’s world was rocked by a serious spinal injury sustained whilst training with the England Under 21’s which left him paralysed from the neck down. Matt saw the accident as a new beginning, and set up the foundation to offer hope and inspiration to young people with similar injuries, sharing his experiences and devoting his life to raising vital funds for those in need of support.

Matt said “A huge thank you to all the guys who took part in this year’s Clearwater golf day. Your support for the Foundation means so much to us and with the money you have raised, this will help people who find themselves in a similar position to the one I found myself in nine years ago, move on with their lives.”

Matt’s story:

Hospice care, everywhere!

Friday, September 26th, 2014

St Catherine’s Hospice is adding its voice to more than 100 other hospices across the UK to explore the theme of Hospice care, everywhere for Hospice Care Week 2014 (6th-12th October).

The aim is simple. Hospices provide amazing support both in and outside of hospice buildings, and St Catherine’s wants to raise awareness of all aspects of care to as many people as possible. Hospice Care Week provides the perfect opportunity to do this, with World Hospice Day and Palliative Care Day taking place on Saturday 11th October. St Catherine’s has a number of events lined up during the awareness week, including:

  • Running our first ever online “Ask me Anything” – or AMA – on facebook and Twitter at 7pm on Thursday 9th October. You can ask Claire, a St Catherine’s community nurse, your burning questions about life at St Catherine’s. Our twitter handle is @stchospice and we are on facebook as stcatherineshospicecrawley Please note that medical questions cannot be answered using this forum, and this is for a general chat about the charity.
  • Having a stand at County Mall, Crawley on Wednesday (8th October) from 11.30am-12.30pm, for people to find out about their local hospice. Feel free to pop by and say hi if you’re in the area.
  • Along with other hospices in Sussex, St Catherine’s will be featured on BBC Radio Sussex – 95.3 FM throughout the week at 4.20pm, talking about the services they provide and how hospice care really is everywhere. With 80 per cent of all St Catherine’s patients looked after in the community, everyone at the hospice would like more people to know about how they can help.
  • A free business networking event at K2 Leisure Centre, Crawley on Wednesday (8th October), with the chance to tackle the climbing wall and hear from special guest speaker and Olympic swimmer, Karen Pickering.
  • Concert for St Catherine’s on Friday (10th October) at the prestigious Woldingham School. Compered by BBC newsreader and St Catherine’s patron, Nicholas Owen, the night of music will raise vital funds for St Catherine’s.

Patrick Ball, Lead for Nursing at St Catherine’s, said, “I’m delighted that this year’s theme for Hospice Care Week is about hospice care everywhere. With so much of our care delivered in people’s own homes, it’s the perfect opportunity for us to reach out to all our community, making more people aware of the excellent level of care we provide.

“Those who don’t know a lot about hospice care may be surprised that so much of it takes place in patients’ homes, or that many people are discharged from St Catherine’s after short stays so that they can live at home with support from our hospice team. Even fewer people may know about hospice staff and volunteers going the extra mile to add life to days, the range of therapies that enrich the lives of people receiving end of life care, or the important role that hospices play in supporting and educating staff and volunteers in other settings beyond hospices, including care homes and hospitals”.

To learn more about Hospice Care Week, visit and don’t forget to keep an eye out for #HospiceCareWeek over the coming week.

Golfing Fundraiser For Autism, Another Great Success

Friday, September 26th, 2014

Saturday, September the 13th saw Autism Support Crawley host their third annual golf day fundraiser. 39 golfers of various handicaps, made up of familiar faces from the previous two years and also some new guys who had heard how good it was!! Some had a personal interest in Autism, whilst others wanted to support the cause again, having helped in the past.

Golfers were greeted by tea, coffee and a bacon roll upon arrival at Tilgate Forest Golf Centre, followed by a briefing by organiser, Lee Cook and the four ball announcements. Neill Jonas explained the Stableford scoring methods and the Longest Drive and Nearest the Pin competitions. Maria Box, the Chairperson of Autism Support Crawley also welcomed everybody and thanked them in advance for giving up their free time to help raise money for a great cause, which voluntarily now supports nearly 400 families locally.


The first 4 ball tee’d off at 11.04 am and this year they had a guest announcer, a marvellous man by the name of Austin Hughes, who works tirelessly to advocate for families who care for someone with Autism. In typical professional PGA style, Austin announced the golfers by name and handicap, one by one, as they prepared to tee off.

Some wonderful members of Autism Support Crawley volunteered on the day to help sell cakes, snacks, refreshments, raffle tickets, pens and wristbands at holes 1, 6, 12 and 18 and boy did they do a great job. The guys were not allowed to tee off unless they bought a wristband and they all graciously parted with another £1 Austin then perched himself at hole 6 once everyone had tee’d off to remind the golfers that they might get very hungry and thirsty by hole 12 so they had better stock up on supplies. He then repeated this at hole 12 ahead of the golfers heading to the clubhouse. Ingenious.

The weather was perfect and the sun shone all day long. Great fun was had by all, the golfers dug deep and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Even members of the public passing by donated and also other golfers not part of the fundraising group chipped in.

The last golfers rolled in just after 5pm and everyone enjoyed the 19th hole.

Everyone then congregated back at The White Knight at 7pm and many of the support group’s wonderful members came along too with their Autistic children. Austin continued as MC for the evening and had us all in fits of laughter. Rob Sharp, an amazing close up magician, stunned everyone with his sleight of hand. A couple of VIPs also made an appearance too. Henry Smith MP came along and certainly soaked up the great atmosphere and kindly donated a bottle of Parliament whiskey as a raffle prize. It was also an honour to have Autism Support Crawley’s Patron present, Anna Kennedy OBE, who had travelled all the way from Hillingdon to be there on the night.

The volunteers continued to sell raffle tickets, wristbands and pens and it was a tough job trying to keep up with the demand.

The band “Louder than 10,” took to the stage at 8.00pm, playing rock tunes across the ages.

Trophy presentations for 3 nearest the pins, 2 longest drives, 1st place, 2nd place and Wooden Spoon, the raffle draw and golf auction took place from 9.00pm.

Nearest the pin winners: Colin Gidman, Jon Rosendale, Simon Rosendale.
Longest drive winners: Nick Harris won both!!
Wooden Spoon – Andrew Demetriou.
2nd place – Duncan Hawkins.
1st place – Paddy Coone

Speeches then followed from Anna Kennedy OBE, Maria Box and Lee Cook. Lee then surprised the entire packed White Knight by proposing on one knee, with a ring, to Maria. Luckily, she said Yes!!

The band then played the rest of the night out until close.

After a massive count up it was announced that the whole day raised a whopping £1961.51!! This was more than double last year’s total. The funds will allow Autism Support Crawley to continue for another year, keep supporting their members, host professional speakers pertinent to the needs of their families, host social events for respite for the parent/carers and also help reduce social isolation and discrimination.

Autism Support Crawley would like to thank A Zone Windscreen Repairs – their main sponsor, Document Workflow Solutions for donating the top raffle prize of an iPad Mini, The White Knight – for giving them the venue and laying on a wonderful buffet, Tilgate Forrest Golf Centre – for letting them totally take over for the day, Anna Kennedy OBE and Austin Hughes for just being there and doing what they do best and also everyone who donated prizes, baked cakes, helped out behind the scenes and on the day.

Dean Is Raising Money In Memory Of His Father Ken, A Super-Man

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

Dean Oldershaw, a Doorman in East Grinstead in the evenings and an employee of Rufus & Phoebes, a dog boutique, during the day. On Friday 28th March Dean sadly lost a very special member of his family, his father Ken Oldershaw.

Ken Oldershaw 7/10/49 - 28/03/14

Ken Oldershaw 7/10/49 – 28/03/14

Ken was a PCSO for near on 10 years. Ken also ran the Neighbourhood Watch in Tilgate, Crawley. Ken was admired by his co-workers who turned out in full uniform to say goodbye to Ken. His family gave Ken a wonderful send off and told us he will be sorely missed by all who knew him.

Ken Oldershaw

Dean has always been a supporter of the work by various charities. Dean wanted to do something in his father’s memory to help, so he is dressing up as Superman on Sunday 28th September and strolling around the town to collect donations.

Dean will be having lunch at the Crows Nest so do pop along there too if you can. Dean is hoping to raise lots of money for the Royal Marsden Chelsea who treated Ken for Cancer until he passed away from Pneumonia. Dean told us “Dad’s immune system was just to weak to fight any more. The 28th will be 6 months since dad passed away, I am ready to give back for all their hard work and dedication to those in need.”

Dean Oldershaw

If you would like to support Dean & donate please visit here. How about popping in to town to see Dean yourself on Sunday in East Grinstead. Dean wanted to thank CHT and all our readers for the support when his father passed and in advance thank you for any donations you might be able to make.

Henry Smith MP Supports Every Man Remembered Campaign

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014


Smith MP has given his support to Every Man Remembered, a Royal British Legion campaign, to keep alive the memory of those who fell during the First World War.

Henry said;

“This week marks the half-way point between the hundredth anniversary of the start of the First World War, and Armistice Day in November. It is so important that we remember the sacrifice of those gave their lives for our freedom.

“Every Man Remembered is asking people across our country to pay tribute to each and every one of the 1,117,077 women and men from the Commonwealth who died during the Great War.”

The campaign is being run with the support of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC), and aims to inspire people to commemorate an individual who fell during the war, either with a personal connection, or not.

By entering your name and town, the Every Man Remembered database will connect people with fallen service men or women from the First World War, finding someone in their family, or who shares their name, age, workplace, birthday or hometown. They can then be commemorated with a personal dedication and, by making a donation to The Royal British Legion, will receive a special commemorative certificate.

The campaign also incorporates Every Woman Remembered, dedicated to the 800 women in the records of the CWGC who died in the First World War.

Henry continued;

“I look forward to paying my respects to our local heroes at the annual service of Remembrance at St John the Baptist’s Church in Crawley. I hope you will be able to join us.”

For more information on the Royal British Legion’s Every Man Remembered campaign, please visit The website of the Royal British Legion is

Follow Henry daily via:


Concerns for missing Oliver Ryan in West Sussex

Friday, September 19th, 2014

Police are searching for 31-year old Oliver Ryan, who has not been seen since he ran off from two carers while visiting Worthing town centre shortly before midday on Thursday (18th September).

Oliver Ryan - missing

Oliver, who is white, 6′, of medium build, with short dark hair and blue eyes, was wearing a jacket which was blue at the bottom and white at the top, a blue t-shirt, blue jeans and blue trainers.

Although he has been staying at a hospital in Surrey, he has connections in West Sussex, including Arundel, Bognor and Chichester.

PC Mark Green of the West Sussex Missing Persons Team said; “We are increasingly concerned for Oliver’s welfare and anyone who sees him is asked to contact us via or phone 101 quoting serial 704 of 18/9.”

Become a member of Sussex Community NHS Trust (SCT) today – it’s Free!

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

Sussex Community NHS TrustCOL

You may be surprised to know that 90% of NHS healthcare is delivered in the community.

SCT is the main provider of community healthcare in Sussex. Our vision is to provide excellent care at the heart of the community. We provide over 90 services from health visiting, to supporting people with long-term conditions such as diabetes and the frail elderly, helping them to live healthy, independent lives and avoid unnecessary admissions to hospital.

We are aiming to become an independent NHS Foundation Trust with local ownership and accountability, and we are asking you to support our application and join us. We currently have over 4,000 members but are aiming for 5,000 by the end of the year to ensure that we have a representative body of public members of different ages and backgrounds.

As a member you can have a direct say in how we develop our services. Membership is free and open to anyone aged 12 or above living in Brighton & Hove, West Sussex and nearby. You can be as involved as you would like to be from simply receiving our newsletter or completing surveys, to attending meetings or standing for election as a governor. If you would like to join or get more information please contact us via the details below, or go to our website to register online at

We are promoting our plans by attending public and community group events in your area such as:

Crawley Young Persons Council Meeting – September 2014

Young Crawley Youth Forum – September 2014

Youth Carers Group Meeting – October 2014

Young Crawley Children & Families Forum – October 2014

CVS Health & Safety Event – October 2014

Mid Sussex Health & Wellbeing Group – October 2014

Youth Cabinet Health & Wellbeing Conference – October 2014

If you would like more details on any of the above, or for us to attend your meeting or event please contact us via the details below:


Telephone: 01273 242127

Post: FREEPOST RSXG-XTCJ-BBBT, Foundation Trust Membership Office, Sussex Community NHS Trust, Brighton General Hospital, Elm Grove, Brighton BN2 3EW


Join us Moulsecoomb pic high res

Work set to start on Tilgate Park access road next week

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

Work preparing for a new access road into Tilgate Park is set to start next week.

Plans to create new visitor access from the K2 Crawley junction into Tilgate Park (off the A23), were agreed recently and work to fell trees will start on Monday.

172 trees will need to be felled to make space for works but at least the same number of trees will be planted in the park when work is completed next year.

Limiting disruption to hibernating animals is the reason for the quick start on works and an ecologist will be on site daily during the four week tree-felling process; Tilgate Nature Centre staff will also be assisting.

Over the last couple of years the council has made a number of improvements across the whole park; some funded through the council and others through working with partners such as Go Ape, Smith and Western, Dynamic Adventures and Groundwork at the Walled Garden Cafe.

It’s always been a busy park during fine weather and the improvements have seen visitor numbers increase.

The improvements will see the existing emergency access road widened to allow two-way traffic flow and 30 new spaces added to the main car park.

Councillor Chris Mullins, Cabinet Member for Leisure and Culture, said: “We’ve taken the decision to start this element of the work so quickly so we don’t disturb any hibernating animals. As well as being a great visitor attraction, the park is an important local environment for wildlife and we want to limit disruption through work as much as possible.

“The road will allow visitors to get to the park without driving through the neighbourhood and also make exiting the park much quicker and easier. We hope a new cycle path, which is yet to receive funding approval, and a potential bus route into the park will also encourage people to use sustainable transport to get there.”

The scheme features a number of other improvements including improved coach parking and a safer pedestrian area.

Entrances and exits to the park will be open as often as possible during the build, which is expected to be complete by summer 2015.