A Sea Of Red Respect In Horley


A new incentive for the Poppy Appeal commenced earlier this year.

Horley resident Peter von Staerck told us “I had this idea 8 years ago when I was chairman of the Chamber of Commerce for Horley but no one was interested in helping me or seeing it through.


Then last year I saw the Tower of London Poppy Field and was incensed that someone got there before me! This made me spurt onwards to do it, alone if necessary. Luckily I gained the wonderful help of six of my friends.


“Everything is made from recycled poppies from the wreaths and tributes of last year, all from 6 councils, that would all normally go to landfill!

“The rest of the tributes were also recycled. Below is a list of where everything went.

Recycled Stats“Each side of the wreath took 60 man hours to make and has over 4000 components.

“In the gardens we have planted 1212 Poppies. The number is for the amount we raised for this part of the project and has no significance to numbers of lives lost. Funds were raised with raffles on V.E. Day and the V.J. Day celebrations. After expenses for things such as wires (a lot of it), glue, calyx for the poppies etc. the total stands at £4605. We hope to raise more in the next day or two as we are having a raffle in two local pubs, the Foresters and The Kings Head. The Kings Head are also donating their money from their Karaoke night.

Plant a Poppy Horley 2015_n

“We had a competition for the best dressed shop window and am really proud to announce the winners of the Horley British Legion Poppy Appeal best dressed window 2015 is THE SALVATION ARMY CHARITY SHOP.


“There is still time to get a poppy planted if anyone wants to. They are £1 each and come in batches of 5 and above. So that is a minimum £5.

If people would like to send me an email I will arrange delivery on mangetoutuk@hotmail.com

Please support this fantastic project if you can….we love this and are right behind it…..would be nice to see Crawley follow on from Peter’s idea 🙂

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