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Giving Young People A Greater Say

Friday, March 18th, 2011

Giving Young People A Greater Say

The new Chairman of a West Sussex County Council Scrutiny Committee has spoken of the importance of giving young people a greater say in decisions that affect them.

County Councillor Richard Burrett was speaking after his first meeting as Chairman of the Children and Young People’s Services Select Committee.

During a discussion about proposed changes to youth services in West Sussex, the Committee heard from two teenagers who had benefited from anger management programmes they had been referred to because of issues in their lives such as bullying.

Councillors also heard from representatives of the West Sussex Youth Cabinet.

Richard said: “I know that Committee members found it really useful and informative to hear first hand from young people who described very eloquently their experiences of the benefits they received from intensive support.

“We listened to the feedback from the Youth Cabinet as we always value their comments and will continue to improve our consultation with young people about changes that impact on their lives.

“I am particularly keen to ensure that we really do have an open dialogue with young people, and that they feel they can help shape and influence the decision-making process.”

The Select Committee reviewed the progress being made on working with communities and the voluntary sector to support universal youth provision as West Sussex County Council youth provision moves to more preventative and targeted early intervention services aimed at young people at risk.

Members also discussed proposals for making a further £2 million in savings from the Youth Services budget over the next three financial years.

The Committee was told that this will lead to much more targeted services than originally proposed aimed at supporting the most vulnerable and at risk young people.

The Committee –

• Recognised the external funding constraints impacting on the Youth Service.

• Was concerned about the impact of ongoing uncertainty about the future of the service for staff and the users of the service.

• Accepted the feedback provided by representatives from the Youth Cabinet that more could be done to consult with, and include input from, representatives of young people when proposals, which impact on services they use are considered.

• Will consider how young people can contribute to the future work of the Select Committee.

Richard added: “We also welcomed the commitment from the Cabinet Member for Children and Families, Peter Evans, that he would seek to work more closely with representatives of young people.

“There is no doubt that the way youth services are delivered is going through a rapid period of change, and the Committee will be regularly reviewing progress.”

Employment Law Workshop: Grievance and Disciplinary Procedure

Friday, March 18th, 2011

Employment Law Workshop: Grievance and Disciplinary Procedure

Hosted by The Business Community Partnership

Date: 29th March 2011

Time: 10am – 12:30

Venue: Arora Hotel, Gatwick/Crawley

“All you need to know about handling a fair grievance and disciplinary procedure”.

This employment law workshop is for all third sector and social enterprise staff responsible for personnel and human resources. It will offer all you need to know about handling a fair grievance and disciplinary procedure.

Since the introduction of the Acas Code in April 2009 there has been confusion as to what is now required to ensure that the correct procedures are followed. This workshop will provide precedent grievance and disciplinary policies and will give participants the opportunity to update their current knowledge and to promote best practice.

Delivered by community law firm and BCP member; Martin Searle Solicitors.

Cost (covers BCP admin and overheads):
Band 1
(no paid staff)
Band 2
(1-50 employees)
Band 3
(51 or more employees)
Members: £35 £55 £75
Non-members £70 £110 £150

To book or for further information email or call 01273 810276.

More information on The Business Community Partnership

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